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While introverts love alone time, this does not mean they never want to go do things. There are tons of things introverts actually enjoy that people assume they would hate.

Introverts are not as complicated as the world makes them out to be, and they are actually pretty damn normal. The only weird things about them are their awkward social skills that in some cases aren’t even that awkward. That being said, as an introvert I have thought things I know are not things extroverts usually think. If you are introvert chances are you have thought these things as well, how many sound familiar to you?

13 Strange Thoughts Only Introverts will Understand:

1. “I will only go if we can leave when I am ready.”

If the introvert cannot get out of where they are they feel trapped and this makes things much worse. When they are forced to go somewhere they didn’t want to go in the first place they should be able to leave after making a few rounds. I for one have stopped going to things I didn’t want to go to completion, but I know for some people that is not always possible.

2. “I miss my dogs, I wonder what they are doing.”

I would so rather be spending time with my pets right now. Animals are much nicer and more understanding than anyone I have ever met. My dogs will never let me down.

3. “Please do not try to talk to me, omg… just ignore him, and he will go away.”

This is me to a tee in my mind when someone I don’t know comes up and asks if the seat beside me is taken. YES, it is taken asshole, by my lack of wanting to have anything to do with strangers. Go away, please I don’t like having to pretend to be nice to you. You are really creeping me out.

4. “I could be stuffing my face and binge-watching Netflix right now.”

I so wish I were, I would rather be doing anything other than what I am doing right now. Do I really have to deal with this? Why can I not just go home and order a pizza?

5. “This is supposed to be more fun than reading?”

When being forced to do something ‘fun,’ most of the time we would rather be back at home with our most recent book. Just because what you are doing is something other people like to do doesn’t mean I will. This house party is not more important to me than my current story.

6. “I really hope the person throwing this party has a pet.”

I would much rather have a dog or a cat to spend my time in the corner of the room with. Being around an animal instantly makes the situation less awful. Animals are so much easier to be around than people.

7. “Why would someone be calling me? Everyone I know is aware I hate talking on the phone.”

We may answer just in case it is an emergency, but for the most part, we don’t answer. I personally only answer my phone for numbers that I know. If you know I hate calls you will text me if you’re using someone else’s phone.

8. “If it is important they will leave a voicemail.”

When you have a voicemail is there really ever any need to answer the phone? Nope. Don’t you just love it?

9. “I really want to go to Walmart, but I also really don’t want to have to talk to anyone at all.”

I got to Walmart super late at night and swing through self-check just, so I don’t have to speak to anyone. That being said, there is the rare occasion where I come across someone I know and boy is it annoying. Why can’t I just buy groceries at 3 am in peace?

10. “I wish my neighbors would stop being so friendly.”

Please just be a normal neighbor and ignore my existence. I do not want you to feel the need to say ‘hello’ every single time I go to check my mail. I get it, you live next door… STAY THERE.

11. “I really hope no one tries to invite me out tonight.”

Please leave me alone, let me spend my weekend eating pizza rolls and doing my own thing. I hate having to decline offers to do things. I wish people would understand how much I adore my own company.

12. “Maybe if I run I can make it from the bathroom to my bedroom before anyone notices me.”

It’s not that I don’t like my roommates. I just am not a fan of socializing. Small talk is not fun at all.

13. “Pretty sure I just heard a car door slam, If I tiptoe I can make it to my room without being noticed just in case someone knocks on the door”

Yes, I will literally hide in my bedroom and pretend no one is home rather than answer the front door. Don’t get me wrong I may peep out a window first, but I am almost definitely not opening the door. Unless you work at dominoes please do not come knocking.