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Even when everything feels like it’s piling up against you, your soul has a plan for you.

Before you came to this world, you decided what path you would travel down and what lessons you will learn. Sure, some of those are hard to face, but they are all before you for reasons you will eventually understand. Your higher self has everything under control even if you cannot always feel it or see it. We come to this planet time after time to learn and grow so that eventually we will be able to reunite with the source in the ultimate way and you are working towards that.

Sure, we may fall and we may fail sometimes but in the end, you will accomplish all you hope to. Do not give up on yourself. The more you do the more you learn and the more you learn the more aligned you become with who you were always meant to be and who you always wanted to be. The Universe is always working in our favor and the more you believe in it the further you will get.

The life you’re living now is only a small part of the bigger picture. You have been on this Earth many times before and will likely also come back more times than you will ever know. We are all on our own journeys and in time those journeys will pay off in huge ways. Some of us are here to help others and some of us are here to be helped by others, that’s just how things go. Whether you’re up or you’re down, the things you’re going through will shape you.

Whether you’re surrounded by loved ones or you feel more alone than ever just know that things are not always what they seem. Your guardians are always by your side. You have signed soul contracts and are working through things you in this life will never be able to entirely understand as things are but that doesn’t mean they’re not real.

You knew what all would happen to you here this time around long before you manifested in the form you’re in now and you knew you would be capable of getting through it. Do not sell yourself short. You are a truly strong energetic being whether you’re of flesh and bones now or not. Things will get better in time.

Keep in mind going forward that there is a plan for you in place. You are working towards something more. You can and will find your way in time. This life is not always as broken as it may seem.

Stop fighting yourself so hard and really allow your inner workings to take flight. If your heart and soul pulls you towards something, go for it. You are meant for so much more than you could ever imagine. Hold your head up high, you’re going big places just you wait.