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I know, this is easier said than done, but you really need to stop focusing on people who don’t care about you. Whether they’re family, friends, or lovers you deserve an inner circle that supports you in the ways you support them.

Throughout our lives, we come in contact with tons of people. Some of those people are there for us properly and with them, we grow proper connections but not everyone is going to be like that. Sometimes we let toxic people far too close and well, when that happens we need to limit contact or cut ties to better ourselves as a whole. If someone you’re putting all of your efforts into is only ever taking advantage of your kindness, you’re not doing anything but wasting your time.

If someone is treating you unimportant or always using you, they do not deserve a place in your life. We as human beings need to be more guarded than we are. Sure, you can let people in but you need to be picky about how you do it and who you let in. Love is not easy and far too often we love people who do not love us back.

Toxic people come in tons of different shapes and sizes. They can be family members you’ve known for your whole life or new friends you’ve only had in your life for a few weeks. Challenges like these are only going to help you grow if you’re willing to address them properly and correct the issues at hand.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you should talk things out and try to make things right but if you’ve done that and nothing is changing, you are only hurting yourself more and more without reason. There will be tons of people in this world who take you and the things you do for granted, but you do not owe those people your time or efforts.

The people who are meant to be in your life will prove themselves to you, point-blank. The love you give should also be the love you get in return. If someone is unwilling to have your back the way you have theirs, they do not deserve to be by your side.