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What’s the correct way to draw an ‘X’? Are Sour Patch Kids-flavored Oreos a treat or a trick? Is a hotdog a sandwich? The internet never hesitates to weigh in on these burning questions that just won’t leave our minds alone.

However, a question that first appeared in 2019 has particularly intrigued and baffled us: Is it really necessary to wash our legs in the shower?

Many argue that since soap and water run down our bodies during a shower, there’s no need to specifically scrub our legs. Others contend that unless we actively clean them, our legs aren’t truly clean after a shower.

So, what’s the verdict?

“You probably don’t need to wash your legs,” she advised, “unless you’ve been sweating excessively or you’ve just finished a long bike ride. Then, of course, go ahead and wash them.”

According to Dr. Shokeen, our legs don’t typically accumulate much dirt because they’re usually covered by clothing. They also aren’t major breeding grounds for sweat and bacteria like armpits or the groin area.

“Letting water and soap just run down your legs is generally sufficient for cleaning them,” she explained, noting that avoiding excessive scrubbing helps prevent skin from drying out or getting irritated.

However, if your legs are visibly dirty or if you’ve been involved in something particularly grimy, like lake swimming or participating in baby goat yoga, it’s a good idea to give them a thorough wash. Otherwise, allowing the soap suds to work their way down to your feet and the drain should suffice.

Dr. Shokeen also suggested using the time saved from not scrubbing your legs to focus on cleaning the ‘hot spots’ of your body, which could use more attention and a good minute of washing to ensure effectiveness.

“Those areas don’t need constant scrubbing, but letting the cleanser sit for a minute can be very beneficial,” she added.

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