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While it might seem like in this day and age people fall back on their zodiac signs a lot. For instance, when a Virgo criticizes someone too much he or she might say something like ‘sorry, I can’t help it. I’m a Virgo’ this isn’t just frustrating, it’s also quite unnecessary.

The zodiac sign we belong to and the traits associated with that sign is not a green light to be a jerk or a ‘go-ahead’ for failing to correct toxic behaviors. That being said, when it comes to relationships overall we should turn to astrology for a few different reasons. If you’re looking for a loving partner who won’t talk your ear off you can for the most part rule out the Gemini without even getting to know one.

Whether you’re trying to find someone to actually spend your life with or just wondering if you will be able to get along with a new friend astrology can help. Each of us needs different things in life and love. What the Aries needs is not going to be the same as what the Cancer needs and vice versa. Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and break down what makes them who they are and what they need the most. If you are looking for love then perhaps reading over the signs that don’t belong to you could help.


Aries people are very driven and secure in who they are. They work hard and do not have much time for fun. These kinds of people need to be surrounded by those who will take the time to remind them that slowing down is okay but not those who will hold them back from reaching their full potential.


Taurus people are very stubborn and nervous in general. They do not go out of their way to meet or experience new people. They like to keep everything planned out and usually need people in their lives who are very dedicated. If you cannot take the heat you do not need to get close to a Taurus. This sign will eat you alive and spit you out if you’re not willing to properly commit.


Gemini people are very talkative and fun. They enjoy being social overall but must do-so on their own terms. When it comes to being in their lives you have to be capable of keeping up. If someone is closed off and trying to make them change they will cut ties quickly.


Cancer people are clingy and very emotional. While they try to hide it sometimes they feel things more-so than other signs. They need to feel connected and will stop at nothing to make sure the people around them know that they care. This sign is one of the easiest to take advantage of and they know it.


Leo people are fierce and intense. They are usually loved by all who come across them and admired by most other people. If you cannot handle being in the spotlight being by a Leo’s side isn’t going to be a good idea.


Virgo people do not trust easily and they are very critical of the people around them. They have a lot of traits that cause those who come close to turn away and it leaves them feeling quite empty most of the time. Sure, this sign can be a very positive match but not for everyone.


Libra people are usually very closed off in general. They do not let you see their true selves and usually put their guard up quickly. Because they cannot properly process their emotions, things don’t usually go over well with them. You have to have a lot of patience to break through the barriers this sign puts up.


Scorpio people are hopeless romantics in every possible way. They want to be swept off of their feet and are not easy to win over. This kind of person is not going to be played with and if they feel like they’re not being appreciated, they jump ship.


Sagittarius people tend to make a lot of mistakes but rather than working through them they run. This sign is a very flighty one and usually comes with a lot of questions that never get answered. To stay with a Sagittarius you have to be capable of really facing adventure head-on.


Capricorn people are usually very cut and dry. They don’t like to try new things or break out of their comfort zones. When someone chaotic comes into their lives it throws everything out of whack and they cannot handle that.


Aquarius people are confusing at best. They spend a lot of time thinking about things and working to make proper connections within their lives. If you’re not able to tackle the world from an outside perspective the Aquarius is not going to be right for you.


Pisces people are very creative and quiet in general. They like to do things one step at a time and do not attract attention to themselves in the ways other people do. These kinds of people are always looking for love but rarely willing to accept it.