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Something I’ve been recently thinking about is how introverts are viewed in society, sure, they’re different but aren’t we all? Why is it that we act as though those who choose to not go out as much and spend more time in their own company have something wrong with them? 

In this day and age, of course, the world is full of extroverts. There are tons of them but there are also tons of introverts. Sure, not as many as there might be extroverts, but they’re still quite abundant. Just because someone likes to spend time in their own company or in the company of just a few people does not mean there is something wrong with them. Just because someone likes certain things or acts in a certain way doesn’t mean they’re weird it just means they’re being themselves and isn’t that what we want?

According to research, the majority of people are not introverts or extroverts, and yet we still for some reason seem to set the standard as extrovert instead of what it actually is and should be ‘ambivert.’ Ambiverts for those who might not know are people who are balanced between extroversion and introversion. They contain both traits and thus seem to go back and forth sometimes or in certain situations.

Extroverted people like to go out and do things more-so than not. They would rather be surrounded by people than sitting at home alone and that too is fine. However, introverts are not like that at all and while some of the things introverts do could be linked up with mental health issues being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re inevitably going to suffer from depression. That is something we need to let go of and stop assuming. 

Introverts are not just being shy they are just being themselves. They don’t want to go out and do things with others all the time, they want to engage on their own time and do things they enjoy on their own. They don’t want to have people constantly assuming something is wrong because they’re not interested in hanging out and honestly, they shouldn’t be forced to face as such.

All too often I see articles and other things online about how to become more extroverted as an introverted person and the whole concept kind of makes me sick. Sure, there is nothing wrong with encouraging someone to step out of their comfort zone but trying to push changing as a whole on someone regardless of their personality traits in this sense is kind of unbelievable and very disrespectful.

Introverts are not a problem, and they shouldn’t be seen as such. This goes for ambiverts and extroverts as well. Why is it that we see so many of the qualities that come with being extroverted as being happy overall? Why is it so hard for society as a whole to accept that some people, actually a lot of people are perfectly content chilling on their own at home? Introverts are not defective, they’re just different stop trying to turn them into someone they aren’t.