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Stop holding onto the past so deeply. While it might hold strong meaning to you, it does not define you and you should not allow it to attempt to do-so.

I know, life is hard and we make a lot of mistakes as we grow but those mistakes are not things we can change. We all must grow and progress properly. Things can be tough, but we all have to make decisions that are hard. Letting go is a part of life and it’s something we all need to do.

You cannot change the things that are in your past, you can only look forth to the future and embrace the present moment as it is. Some people are just not meant to be with us forever, and we all hurt one another sometimes. Sure, you might say that you’re ready to move on and that you aren’t concerned with the past but until you mean those things with all your heart, you won’t be able to actually do them.

In this world, we all seem to put on a brave face but most of us do not mean the things we are saying, we’re only trying to trick ourselves. You don’t have to stick with someone who is bringing you down because you’re afraid of moving on from the love you felt that you had with them and you don’t have to keep moving through this world being miserable. Taking your life into your own hands is crucial and not something you should be willing to just let slip away.

Stop clinging to memories, feelings, or the hope that perhaps you could have done more and start doing more FOR YOURSELF now while you can. Life is not easy and chasing your dreams as well as being true to who you are is very important. Things are not as simple as we make them out to be and letting go of baggage is much more freeing than we would like to accept.

You cannot properly face the things ahead of you if you do not truly face the things you’re leaving behind first. As hard as it may be to accept and let go, that is what we all must do. Every single day is a new one, and we need to keep that in mind. You can do so much more than you think and you’re limiting yourself by refusing to let go.

Heal yourself, let go of the past, drop that baggage, and allow yourself the chance to release all the grudges you’ve been carrying with you. The grudges against yourself and others. When your mind and your heart are in the same place, moving forward is the only option left.