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Far too often in this day and age, we waste our time on people who are not willing to put forth the efforts we do to make things work. We fall for people who choose others over us and end up putting our hearts through so much.

You should never put your time and effort into someone who only sees you as an option. If they’re not willing to put you as a priority in their lives, and they keep putting everything and everyone in front of you, they do not deserve you. We only get one life in this world, and we should be spending our time with people who truly care for us. People who will be there when we need them the most.

Sure, there are people who struggle to come to terms with what they really want and giving them space is fine. However, if the person you’re with doesn’t adore you or make you feel like you’re the only person they have eyes for, you’re not with the right person. Love should build you up not break you down.

Don’t just give your love to the first person you become infatuated with. Be picky, give your love to someone who gets excited to see you, who makes you feel like you’re at home every time you’re together. Love someone that will answer when you call at 2 am and need a shoulder to cry on.

Don’t waste your time committing to someone who is already with someone else and merely stringing you along. Stop giving people power over you that don’t want to actually be with you in the first place. Listen to their words but also pay close attention to their actions.

If they do not want to build a life with you, is it worth it to spend months or years of your life waiting around? No, you should be out there enjoying yourself and figuring out what it is you want in the life you’ve been given to live. Find someone that helps you be the best you that you can be. Someone who is going to appreciate all you do for them and in return help you through the hardest parts of your life.

You are not just an option and you should never let anyone make you feel as though you deserve second best or anything less than unconditional true love. Respect is not something you should compromise on when it comes to dating and for some reason, we tend to forget that. If the person you’re with or trying to be with can’t love you for who you are and choose you every single day, you’re in the wrong place with the wrong person.

You’re not a toy and you should never let someone play with your heart. Know your worth an expect exactly that. Love is not something that you should have to beg someone to give to you.

You are truly amazing and you need to realize that above all else.