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As human beings, we for some reason tend to keep fighting for things long after we should give up. Knowing when to step back and really work to think things through is important.

In this life, we face a lot of different things and some of those things are what we would refer to as dead situations. These being situations that no longer serve a purpose. For instance, when you work with someone, and they prove time and time again that they only want to take advantage of you the connection you share with them is a dead situation. 

You know that ties need to be cut and that putting effort into that situation will get you nowhere but yet you still do-so. This dead situation is doing nothing for you and only dragging you down, yet you’re struggling to break off from it. Letting go of the things that are bringing us down or causing us harm is crucial to getting through this life.

Another example of a dead situation could be a toxic parent or even a narcissistic lover. You want these people in your life because of your attachment to them but it is doing you no favors. We should not be feeding into things that work to break us down, period. 

The sooner we realize and come to terms with the fact that we cannot save everyone the better. If someone is taking advantage of you, you need to remove their power over you as quickly as possible. Do not give in to the guilt trips people try to place or feel pity for them when they’re the ones who built the lives they live as is. 

We all make mistakes, sure that’s true but not everyone makes the effort needed to correct those mistakes and that is what sets you apart from these dead situations. You do not have to keep feeding into connections that you have outgrown and you do not have to waste your time on people who hardly bother to raise a finger to help you. Life is far too short to spend it letting others drag you down and make you feel unworthy.

You cannot save everyone and the truth is, there are some people who don’t even want to be saved in the first place. At the end of the day when all is said and done you are the only person you truly have. If you do not do what is best for your own life, in the end, no one else will. 

Tomorrow is not promised and making the most of every moment before you is imperative. If you’ve given someone chance after chance, and they’ve constantly blown each one, there has to come a time when you stop letting them waste your efforts. Everything in this life happens for a reason. Do not be a pawn in someone else’s game.

You should be living a happy life surrounded by people and situations that help you grow. Let go of people and things that do not help you become a better person, period. While letting go can be hard, it is one of the most important things you will ever do in this life.