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All too often we fall for toxic people who aren’t going to be there when we need them the most. They might stick around for a while but when we’re at our worst, they jump ship.

Just because you’re lost and torn apart inside right now doesn’t mean that you should settle in life or in love. You shouldn’t choose someone to be with who isn’t willing to help you when you need them the most. If someone only ever calls you when they need something but refuse to return the favor, why bother with them in the first place?

You need someone in your life who can read through your signals and sees the signs that you’re unwell when things are becoming too much in your own mind. Someone who cares enough to ask if you’re okay and doesn’t let you fall. Someone who will be there for you when no one else is.

People who are meant to be in our lives will help us put our pieces back together when things get hard. They will make us feel loved and cared for without even trying as a whole. They are someone you feel at home with and their presence, in general, gives you a sense of peace.

When you’re up at three AM crying, they will be there to tell you that everything will be okay. They will hold onto you in every possible way, and you will feel a connection deep within your soul that ties you to them. While you might love people who refuse to love you properly, you need to know when and how ties need to be cut.

You don’t deserve a love that hurts you all the time, you deserve a love that is full of growth and allows you to become more of who you were always meant to be. You don’t have to wait around forever, but you do need to keep an open-mind. When you find this person you will know it, don’t let your mind fool you.

Your heart might think it wants one thing, but your soul knows where your truest emotions lie. I hope you someday find someone who will help you become the you that you’ve always meant to become. Don’t keep pushing pieces together that don’t fit. Love shouldn’t be a battlefield.