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This world is full of toxic people and we’re bound to come in contact with many of them as we live our lives. While we may try our hardest to keep them at bay or to help them see the error in their ways, we are not able to change them as we would like to.

Toxic people are going to be the way that they are until they see their own issues within and make changes for themselves. You cannot force them to see the error of their ways or make them give you a genuine apology for the things they’ve done. I know, you may want them to say they’re sorry and you may accept the false apologies they give sometimes but you should know that they are never truly sorry for the things they do.

Toxic people are always going to play the victim and do their best to turn things around on you. The best thing you can do when facing someone who is toxic towards you is walk away. You may want closure or you may want to hold onto them and keep them from damaging themselves further but in the end, sticking around is only going to bring you down more and more.

We all make mistakes sure, none of us are perfect but we can’t fix other people like we want to. We must correct our own wrongs and grow from them as best we can. whether someone in your life is a toxic family member, friend, lover, or even just an acquaintance they do not deserve your time or efforts. You should do your best to accept this so that you can on your path in this world progress further. I know, it’s not easy to let go of people who have been in your life for long periods but sometimes that is the best option.

Putting your faith and trust into someone who is toxic is only going to hurt you more and more as time continues to pass. They may begin as someone special to you and do well at first but once their true colors come out you should not keep letting them bring you down. It’s not possible to grow in the ways you need to with them always by your side.

Sure, they might still try to cling to you when you work towards leaving but you must hold firm. You have to be willing to rise above the things around you and show your strength as you move forward in life. The more that you let them cling to you, the further behind you will get in this world. You deserve to be happy and you cannot find that happiness with someone constantly doing all they can to undermine it.

Looking back on your time with toxic people you may have some fond memories but those memories should not be enough to keep you around. You have to do what is best for you in the end and if that means adding distance between the two of you, so be it. Without those toxic people in your circle, you will notice that you’re going to be changing for the better and that in itself is an amazing thing.

Life is not easy and all too often we have to make decisions that are very hard. In the end, you must keep your own wellbeing in mind. If you do not, the people around you will walk all over you and you will not be living your life for yourself.