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In life you are never going to be able to please everyone, there will always be someone out there who doesn’t like the things you do or the things you say. That being said, those people and their opinions should not matter to you, you should remain true to yourself above all else.

Self-care and building confidence, in general, are some of the most important things in this life when it comes to understanding how to move forward. While you might not like making other people upset and you might want to go out of your way to ensure you’re pleasing everyone doing so is only going to bring you down. You need to put yourself first and always ensure you’re comfortable and safe whether the people around you want you to be or not.

Far too often in this life, we put ourselves out there to help others and end up getting walked all over. In this day and age holding our own and refusing to be a doormat is a much harder thing to get done. In putting yourself first you are not being selfish, you are being smart please never forget that. You cannot do anything for anyone else if you’re not making sure you’re where you need to be both mentally and physically.

In life, we are always going to be making someone upset or pissing someone off even when we’re going out of our way to avoid doing so. Accepting that perfection does not exist and growing through your own faults is a crucial part of becoming your truest and best self.

Never let anyone ever make you feel bad for doing the things that are best for you. You as a person are supposed to be taking care of yourself, you are not responsible for anyone else and you don’t have to let other people get under your skin over it. We are all in charge of our own lives, and we make the decisions that place us where we end up, you can say no to those who wish to use you and you can grow through cutting ties with people who are only wasting your time.

Moving through this world is not easy and actually making progress is going to upset anyone who is stuck in a rut, these kinds of things are to be expected considering the jealous world we live in today. Rather than being happy for you, people will see you are moving forward as a ploy to leave them behind. That being said, if you are able to remain stable and comfortable all the while lending a helping hand, don’t hesitate to do-so.

As long as you are able to ensure that you’re keeping your own well-being in mind you have nothing to worry about. Your spiritual journey will wade in and wade out as the years pass but the messages left behind will remain and reign through to you no matter what. There is a lot more to this whole existing thing than people tend to realize.

Sure, most assume that if they’re not doing all they can to give back they’re making mistakes and refusing to grow but that is not the case. You can do small things all the while never ceasing to move forward. If people in your life are not willing to put the efforts you are putting forth into the friendship or relationship that you share then distancing yourself from them whether it upsets them or not is the right thing to do. The lessons before you are yours to learn and you should not be worried about whether or not you’re going to piss off the people around you by learning them. Stop being afraid to live your life.