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Well, honestly when it comes to the twin flame relationship or union there are lots of stages and those stages don’t always happen in any specific order. While some people say there are 5 stages, others may say there are more but honestly, that all depends on you, your twin, and where the two of you are on your spiritual journey together. 

If you’re wondering what the stages of a twin flame relationship are then the answers you find will be a bit complicated but also quite easy for you to break down depending on where you are in all of this. Below I am going to break down the stages as best I can but at the end of it, all these stages can come in many different forms for each of us. Sometimes we face more of them than we expect and in many cases, we are unable to get through them all in our current lifetimes forcing us to begin again in another. 

Above all else, keep in mind if you and your twin do not find one another or end up in union within this life, you will in another. It is just a matter of time and spiritual growth as to when you find one another properly and are able to link up in the ways you may so desperately wish for. While this union is a painful one, it is also one that we should be quite willing to experience for a lot of different reasons. 

Your twin flame is a physical manifestation of the same soul you have within on this planet at the same time you’re here. It is your mirror and so much more. Unlike your ‘soulmate’ your twin is a complete version of you and not just half. You when finding your twin may be overwhelmed and you may see things in one another that you were not expecting, this is just how these kind of energetic connections work, and they’re not all roses and pretty things that will make us happy, sometimes they are heartbreaking and painful.

The Recognition Stage 

More often than not the two of you will go through a recognition stage. This meaning you will recognize your twin, and he/she will recognize you. This could take a long time as sometimes only one of the two recognizes the other and it may be years or longer before the other allow things to sink in properly. Depending on where you both are spiritually though sometimes you may recognize this connection quickly and in its entirety.

The Awakening Stage 

From there the awakening stage begins which is where you both dive into the idea that you’re meant for one another in ways other people could never imagine. This can be painful and hard to deal with for a lot of reasons. During this phase, you may find that you end up coming back to one another over and over again only to repeat the same patterns time after time. 

The Runner/Chaser Stage 

This stage can come at any point but for most seems to come more times than you’d want to admit. During this stage, someone is running and someone is chasing. This can change and the tables can turn over and over again. During this stage, you’re both working to progress further on your own paths and not quite ready to bring that unity into place even though you may both want it so badly. This period is full of growth but can also be as you’d expect quite painful because one is trying so hard for the other and the other is trying to run so far away. 

The Unity Stage 

At some point, after you’ve both grown properly be it in this life or another, you will end up coming together and forming a unity. You will be able to have the love you’ve wanted all along and it will be truly amazing but before you find that place in your connection you have to go through a lot of heartache and soul-searching. At this point, you have learned more than you could ever imagine about twin flames and the two of you are both on the same level once and for all.

As noted above some people believe there are more stages than this but honestly, each twin flame connection is unique in its own ways and these are the core stages that I believe apply to most. Where are you on your twin flame journey? Have you found your twin yet?