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Spiritually gifted people are those who have tuned into the gifts offered to them by their higher selves and the Universe as a whole. While anyone can become spiritually gifted by opening their eyes and their mind, not everyone is willing to do that.

Sure, a lot of people seem to think being spiritually gifted is a great thing but it also has downsides. There are lots of things that affect them more so than they would the average person. These things throw them off and make them feel either held back or broken down depending on the situation and well, that’s not a good thing.

If you are spiritually gifted and more tuned into your true self you probably know all about these strange things that affect you but don’t seem to bother other people. While it might make you feel more alone, take pride in the power offered to you, and keep in mind that other gifted people go through this as well. How you handle things like this can either feed into your power or take away from it, that in itself is up to you.

9 Things That Tend To Heavily Effect Spiritually Gifted People:

1. Strangers are always coming up to you.

Because your aura is warming and inviting a lot of people come to you for things. These could even be people you do not know. When that happens it can leave you unsure of what to do or how to handle things. Not everyone who seeks your help has good intentions and you struggle with that in a lot of ways.

2. Your intuition is very powerful.

Yes, having a powerful intuition is a good thing but sometimes it can feel very overwhelming. You are always on edge and being warned about things even when you think you’re finally going to be able to relax. This takes a serious toll on those who are spiritually gifted.

3. You struggle to get the sleep that you need.

Because you are spiritually gifted you also struggle to slow your mind down at night when you should be sleeping. It’s like your inner workings will not let you rest as you feel you should. While you can work on this one, doing so is not easy.

4. You can sense the energies of rooms you go into.

You can tell what kind of vibe a place is going to have before you get there. You can sense energies and really take them in more than most other people can. This leaves you pretty drained overall for a lot of different reasons.

5. Your dreams are far too real.

Whether it’s a positive dream or a terrible nightmare things are far too real for you to be comfortable with. You are given messages while asleep and it can make you feel afraid to even sleep depending on what messages you’re getting. You see, when we sleep the veil is at its thinnest, and that allows those from the other side to speak with us in their own ways.

6. You often find yourself overwhelmed and in need of alone time.

Because you’re such an energetic being you often feel depleted. The people and things around you seem to feed off of you and it takes a toll. As you absorb negative from the world around you, you need time to yourself to clear things out and begin again.

7. You hold a deep connection with nature and Mother Earth.

When the world is suffering you can feel it. You pick up on things other people do not, and sometimes those things are very painful to experience. We do a lot of damage to Mother Nature, and gifted people are the ones who end up feeling that pain.

8. The lunar cycles bring energies with them that you feel way before the moons change.

You are able to pick up on the phases of the moon and the energies that come with those phases long before anyone else. You can tell whether or not a full moon is going to be tense or not and so much more. These energies can feel quite heavy and for many of us, it can be hard to face.

9. Animals are very much drawn to you.

Your aura is warm and inviting which leaves most animals wanting to be around you. You always find strays and are the one everyone’s pets love to see. This is because they know they are safe with you but sometimes it can really hurt your heart to see some of the things you end up seeing as a result of all of this. While you do all you can to help, sometimes there are animals you cannot save and it breaks your heart.