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Just because someone is not near you physically does not mean you cannot connect with one another spiritually. Spiritual bonds cannot be broken and the more you cultivate them the stronger they become.

If you want to feel more in tune with someone you care for when you cannot be beside one another meditating over your bond will help. Through doing this you will be able to feel each other’s presence and transmit the emotions you want to forward to the other person. That being said, if you doubt your abilities even on the smallest level, they will not work for you.

Steps For Spiritually Bonding With Those Who Are Not Physically Near:

Step #1 – Create a safe and comfortable place.

When it comes to building a deeper connection with those you cannot physically be with you need a safe and comfortable space for meditation. Really find somewhere that you can be alone with your thoughts and make that place perfect for you. In doing this, you will be able to connect with the person you want too much more easily.

Step #2 – Begin meditating and let everything go.

Once you’ve settled in and gotten comfortable begin meditating in whatever position you think is best for you and allow your mind to let go of all that is weighing you down. Stop letting the things you’re stressed about bother you and really cultivate a calm and collected mindset. Once you’re free of stress think of the person you want to connect with and move forward to the next step.

Step #3 – Focus on the person you want to connect with.

Now that you’re thinking of this person really focus on them. Think forward and really allow your soul to connect with him or her as best you can. Allow your energies to tap into theirs and remember to hold onto the things coming forth.

Step #4 – Using your mind’s eye imagine a light radiating from you to that person wherever they are in the world.

From here using your mind’s eye picture light coming from within you and radiating out until it touches this person no matter how far away he or she is. Feed this energy into them and really work to establish a real connection. Think about things that you like about them and memories you’ve shared with one another to strengthen your bond and do not slow down.

Step #5 Send out a message to that person.

Once you’ve done all the things listed above begin sending this person a message that you feel then need from you. Put a lot of intent behind the energies you’re sending out and make sure your emotions are feeding into things. This person might not receive the message right away, but as you work towards it the message will end up where it needs to be.

Step #6 Say goodbye or close things off and end the session.

Now that you’ve sent out the message you feel you needed to send and have worked with the energies you’ve needed to work with you can close things out. End your session with an energetic hug and push some positivity through to the other side before saying goodbye. Now that you’ve done that you can move forward with your day and as you feel ready you can do the same thing again. I suggest doing this once a day depending on how you’re feeling energetically.