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I know, you might not want to think about this but the people you care the most about aren’t going to be around forever. In the blink of an eye, someone could be lost forever and you would have to live with whatever went down in your last conversation.

Life is short and during times like this we should be coming together more than ever but for some reason, we are more divided than we’ve ever been. If there is someone you want to get back in contact with, now is the time to reach out. Keep the people you love closest to you and don’t be so hesitant to call them and see how they’re doing.

Yes, we are all living our own lives but that doesn’t mean we cannot be a part of one another’s lives as well. Through becoming more aware of yourself and what mistakes you’ve made you will begin to come to terms with what must come next. Think about all of the people you once held close that you’ve fallen off with, are any of those connections the kind you regret having lost? If so reach out.

Whether you’ve pushed them away for a reason that you cannot remember now, or they made you angry and you’re still fuming figure out whether or not letting go of those feelings would benefit you or not. Communication is important and allows us to build so much more with other people. Sure, you might fall off again a few years from now but at least you can say you tried.

At least once all is said and done and that person has passed away you tried to make things right and you tried to be there for that person. You won’t live regretting not having made any moves, you will know that everything you could have done has been done. Your loved ones, the ones that love you back will remain connected and will make an effort to keep in contact especially while you’re grasping for something yourself.

Everything in this world can change in an instant, that much we’ve been picking up on over the past few months, and we shouldn’t ignore this in itself. Life is short and we need to be aware of the things and people who matter. If you’re wondering whether you should reach out or not, perhaps you already have your answers.