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While the idea of there being one special person out there in this world for each of us is something many people sounds great, it isn’t something everyone can get behind. Perhaps there is more than one person for us in this world and who’s to say that for some there isn’t anyone?

Romantic destiny in itself is just not all it’s cracked up to be. What if your ‘soulmate’ is someone who treats you badly? Is it really right to close ourselves off so much for fear of falling for the wrong person or wasting time with someone who isn’t our match? The idea of soulmates is that we’re finding someone who is deeply connected with us on a ‘soul’ level. They are people we can share everything with and that to me might be a load of horseshit.

Perhaps soulmates are a myth altogether or maybe we can create soulmates in whomever we see fit. While there will be people you cannot connect with, the more you get to know someone the more you can open up to them. This for me in many ways makes me assume that building soulmate relationships with just about anyone is possible if you’re willing to put forth enough effort.

Soulmates in the sense that most people would assume them to be, do not exist. No one on this planet is a perfect fit for anyone, we all fit together imperfectly or not at all and there is no arguing that. Even the best relationships take a lot of work, nothing ever just falls into place. If you really want love you can’t expect life to hand it to you, you have to make things work with someone you’re willing to put the efforts forth with.

Sitting around waiting for your fairy tale ending or for someone to come sweep you off of your feet isn’t going to get you anywhere and it damn sure isn’t going to bring a soulmate forward in your life. In this world, we decide how things play out, and we either work together or allow our connections to fall apart. Telling someone that they need to just wait for their soulmate or that the person they were with didn’t work out because they just weren’t ‘soulmates’ is a load of crap.

If things don’t work out it is because one of the two parts or both within the relationship either didn’t want it to or weren’t willing to do what had to be done to ensure staying together was an option. If someone is good to us and things work then that’s great and if someone treats us like crap leaving is fine. We shouldn’t have to wonder whether a soulmate is coming in at some point to make all of our problems go away.

Just live the life you want to live and love whoever you see fit. Destiny is something we define ourselves, and we shouldn’t get caught up in the world of ‘what if’s.’ To hear more on this topic and get some other opinions please feel free to check out the video below. What do you think of soulmates?