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While a lot of people tend to think soulmates come into our lives and fix all of our problems, that’s not what happens at all. The more we try to complete ourselves through others the further behind we will find ourselves on our soul paths in this world.

Soulmates are not the same as kindred spirits, twin flames, or anything else of the sort. They are connections we have on this planet with people who are meant to help us along our journey. Whether we are friends, family members, or lovers with these soulmates they allow us to grow and push us to align more properly with our truest selves along the way. 

Soulmates come in many forms and when we find ourselves before them they ignite something within us that pushes us to do better and be better overall. Their presence is healing and in some cases teaches a lesson that we would not have been able to find without them. Now, they don’t make us feel like nothing bad will ever happen to us again, and they don’t always stay in our lives forever, but they’re crucial for our progressive state in this form of consciousness.

If you’re someone who believes the cliché that there is one soulmate for every person in this world, you’re a little behind. We all have many soulmates. This because as noted above soulmates are merely people our soul is connected with. This connection goes back to long before we manifested on this planet and will continue on for lifetimes to come. Soul-teachers, soul-companions, soul-friends, and so much more can be found in the form of a soulmate. 

Soulmates come into your life at what feels like the best and the worst possible moment, and they support you in ways no one else can. They work to heal you and help you become a better version of yourself. From here they either remain present or go their own ways and that’s just how things are.

You can’t scare away a soulmate, but he or she isn’t always going to be by your side forever either. These kinds of people are some of the most important people we will come across in this world, but they are also some of the most confusing because of how we in this life tend to think of soulmates and how we stereotype them. They are motivational, inspiring, caring, and all you’d ever imagine for them to be but at the end of the day they’re also just human like you.

They’re not here to complete us or sweep us off of our feet. They’re here to nudge us in the direction we need to head. For more on soulmates check out the video below.