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While you might think of your soulmate as someone who would complete you, that is not quite what a soulmate is. Soulmates are not pieces of our puzzles, they are more-so mirrors to our souls.

When you meet your soulmate, you are not meeting a piece of you, you are meeting yourself in a different light. Neither of you are incomplete and thus you do not complete one another. Being with your soulmate does not make you whole as you are not lacking.

Far too often we assume finding our soulmate will end our suffering and make all of our pain go away. That is not the case and never will be the case. We all have to deal with those things on our own, and being in a relationship with your mirror will not fix you. The sooner you face this the sooner you will be able to truly appreciate the soulmate connection in its truest form.

We are strongly connected with our soulmate on a level most others will not be able to comprehend. When you find your soulmate you find someone who is going to play a huge roll in your development as a person but also someone who needs you to play a roll in his or her development as well. While soulmates are mirrors they are also teachers. They show us exactly what we need to work on and stand by our sides while we do it.

If you are not in the right headspace when you meet your soulmate you will run. While a lot of people think the twin flame is a mirror to the soul, that just depends on how you look at it. The true mirror is not that of the twin as the twin is much more than a mirror. The twin is a literal manifestation of your soul that was brought forth in the same lifetime as you, this sets them apart from soulmates in a huge way.

While all of this might come across as confusing if you have met your soulmate you know exactly what I am talking about. Everything changes but not in the ways you’d expect for them too. Soulmates are like a light that shines to point you in the right direction they show you what you need to see whether it is something you want to see or not. This is why so much work must be put in before you find them.

There is so much more to it than you might assume. Soulmates are intense and are not what the tv screen makes them out to be.