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Being the child of a narcissist overall is awful. It can make you feel unimportant and as if nothing you do is ever good enough.

You see while being the daughter of a narcissistic mother is had but being the son is just as bad. While we do not often hear about boys growing up in these kinds of situations, it happens quite often. Because narcissists are unable to nurture their kids properly, there are lots of lasting effects their presence can have on their offspring.

Narcissistic mothers can damage their sons in many different ways and that will vary depending on just how severe her narcissism is. You see, through his experiences with his mom he learns how to relate back to other women as well. So, if his connection with his mother is so toxic and flawed, he may not be able to offer healthy relationships to others as he tries to find someone to settle down with in life.

That having been said it should also be noted that depending on how attached and under her wing he becomes (in regards to his narcissist mom) she may also interfere in his relationships as a whole while he’s trying to find someone to love. Rather than holding his own, he may give in to whatever her demands end up being which makes dating harder than you could ever imagine. 

Sons often end up having to take care of their narcissistic mothers and are often the ones who ‘take care of the family’ if there is no father figure around. He will be much more ties to his mother than he ever should have been initially. Some narcissistic mothers go so far as to exploit their sons for attention. They use them to fill their needs on that ‘feeling loved’ level.

Now, in some cases, these sons are able to figure things out and learn that the things they’re facing are not ‘normal’ but that in itself is a breeding ground for resentment. This left them to hate their mothers on an extreme level. They struggle to trust women from there on out or are overly passive-aggressive and unwilling to put forth the proper efforts to make things work.

As the son of a narcissistic mother, you cannot move on from these things until you admit that they were real for you and that you’re still feeling the effects from them. You have to be capable of recognizing that your mother did or does have a mental illness that she is not aware of and that nothing you’ve experienced was your fault. Not all women will be like your mother and the things you feel or way you’re acting can be overcome in time.

For information on how to cope please check out the video below. While it takes time, being aware is the first step. You are well on your way. This might be harder for you in the beginning but once all is said and done, you’re going to be able to find yourself through all of this.