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Toxic people are everywhere but if we’re setting proper boundaries and living our lives right they won’t be within our inner circles. These kinds of people only make their way by our sides when we are allowing others too much power over our lives or becoming toxic ourselves.

Whether you can see your own toxicity or not, it can be discovered by looking at the people around you. If you’re constantly finding yourself in bad situations, being taken advantage of, or feeding into negativity chances are your insides are much more toxic than you might think. We attract what we reflect and so if you’re not operating from a place of positivity you might find that negativity is quite present in your life. 

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that may indicate you are more toxic than you realize. When these signs are present in our lives we become much more surrounded by those who wish to bring us down further. Through overcoming these things and changing the way you think you too can cut these toxic people from your life and work towards a much more productive and growth-oriented mindset.

6 Signs That You’re Attracting Toxic People Through Your Own Inner Toxicity:

1. You never seem to be content.

You’re just never happy. Nothing is good enough for you and even when you have all you could ask for, you want more. Being content is something you’re struggling with and it’s taking a serious toll on the relationships you have with the people who care for you.

2. You want things that others have and are quite jealous overall.

Instead of being happy with all you have you’re always wanting more. You’re never content and always worrying about the things you may never get in general. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but you can’t quite see that now, can you?

3. You spend a lot of time dwelling on the past.

The past is something you cannot change but for some reason, you’re unable to move on from it. You’re stuck wondering what things could have been like if you’d done them differently and it’s taking a toll on you. This is no way to live and yet, you’re managing somehow.

4. You take things way too personally.

Instead of letting things be and taking jokes as they are you accept each thing someone says to you as if it’s a personal attack. You’re easily offended and quite upset most of the time as a result. This is no way to be and yet you’re always like this.

5. You tend to feed into gossip and drama.

For some reason, you’re always talking about other people and feeding into the gossip and drama around you. You don’t know how to close yourself off from it and to be honest, it seems like you love it. You want all eyes on you.

6. You rarely ever see the good in things.

You are not often the kind of person who sees the good in things. You can’t see the small things as the blessings that they are. Instead of appreciating what you have you long for more, constantly.