While it might hurt to let this sink in if you were ghosted the person who ghosted you might have had a valid reason for doing so. Just because you aren’t aware of the way you’re making them feel, you could still be hurting them.

Sometimes we without noticing send out signals that we might not want to be sending out. We through being too quiet or not letting them talk enough can really take a toll on the people around us. We have our own things going on, and we’re facing some serious issues, but we’re not the only ones struggling. Sometimes the people we lean on the most need our support more than we realize.

For a very long time, I leaned on my what is now ex-best friend for support not realizing he too needed me. While I was going on and on about the issues in my life, I never bothered to stop and ask him how he was feeling. Instead of being there for him, I always assumed my problems were worse and that if he really needed to be heard he would speak up but it wasn’t that easy for him.

Years after he had finally cut ties with me and left me in the dark, I realized what had happened. He needed to get away from me for his own mental health. Instead of being a good friend and helping him in the ways he was helping me, I just piled my issues on top of his and gave him more to worry about.

He put his own needs behind mine and it took a huge toll on him. While our friendship is broken and not able to be repaired knowing this for my future connections was and still is very important. It’s not always the people with bad intentions who turn out to be toxic and sometimes we can be toxic without even noticing it.

You might think things are going great but if you never stop to ask, you will never truly know. Just because someone has been with you through a lot does not mean you’re not somehow bringing them down or that you don’t have to work on yourself in some way, shape, or form. If you’re not hearing others out properly or being a bit too selfish, you need to come to terms with that and work through it before your connections fizzle out.

The people in your life might put up with a lot but if they’re not sure how to speak up someday they too may ghost you. While they don’t owe you an explanation being ghosted never feels good. It leaves you wondering what you’ve done wrong and until you begin to see things as they are, you’ll never know.

Sometimes people who ghost us do-so for their own reasons and that has nothing to do with us being toxic but sometimes it does and sometimes we are. If you’re noticing a friendship beginning to slip, perhaps you should sit down and talk with your friend to see what they’re feeling. This will at least provide you with a means of fixing things or at least some closure before things do play out.

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