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Not everyone who comes into your life is supposed to remain in your life. We all have to learn to let go of those who do not want to be around us or don’t truly care for us but that doesn’t mean it’s ever easy.

It is really hard to let go of someone you’ve gotten used to or think you love but it’s even harder to let go of someone that has been a great influence in your life. While we often hear about how we have to move on from toxic people but not everyone who leaves our lives is toxic. Sometimes the most amazing people we could have ever hoped to meet don’t end up sticking around.

We all serve different purposes in the lives of those around us and that we should keep in mind when it comes to this kind of thing. We learn as we move forth and sometimes leaving others behind is inevitable. Rather than being upset that your best friend has to take a job opportunity across the country or that someone has dumped you because they just didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore even though you two were great together, take the lessons you’re offered and appreciate what you once had. These people helped you grow, and they have managed to accomplish what the universe intended for them too with you.

Don’t beat yourself up over losing them or let yourself dwell on what things used to be. They are moving forward and so should you. Sure, you may miss one another but that’s just how life is. You are still growing and you will meet more amazing people, some of which will remain in your life for as long as you live. For everyone who leaves your life, someone else comes forward.

Don’t make the things that are happening out to be more intense than they are. You didn’t do anything wrong, this person just had to make a decision for his or herself and that was what they did. You will be able to keep trecking on as they will. You should take comfort in knowing that you got the chance to experience that person in the first place.

This world is full of connections, and we all meet people at different times. The people in your life right now are meant to be there and whether they stick around or not, you will learn so much from having them near. Even their exit is a chance for you to become more aligned with your truest form. Please never forget that.