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Sometimes, the women who do the most for other people end up with no one to turn to when they need support themselves. This is something that should never happen.

Just because she seems to have everything together and is always strong doesn’t mean that she never has her weak moments. She gives and gives but sometimes she needs a shoulder to cry on herself, whether she gets that or not. She might not ask for it but she wants it. She wants someone to lean on when she’s feeling incapable of moving forward.

Sometimes the woman that everyone comes to for advice needs advice of her own. She might be struggling with a big decision or need someone to help her heal. Sure, she is constantly encouraging others but she needs encouragement herself as well.

If you are one of those women, the kind who go above and beyond for the people you care about you need to remember that if they are not willing to reciprocate that support that you should not continue to give it. You matter and you deserve exactly what you put out into this world. There is no sense in investing all of your time and attention into someone who is not willing to be there for you at your lowest points.

You are amazing and you can surround yourself with people who will allow you to lean on them just as much as they lean on you. You don’t have to save yourself all the time, sometimes you can have someone else do the saving. You are allowed to be human, stop letting yourself fall through the cracks.

Life is much shorter than most people act as if it is. Just because you are showing weakness doesn’t mean you are weak. Give yourself a break if you need one. We all get tired sometimes, don’t keep throwing yourself under the bus.