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For some reason, in current times we as human beings are much less willing to share our feelings with one another. Instead of making sure the people we care about know we care, we close ourselves off and refuse to say the things we need to say. 

Whether you’re a child looking for guidance from a parent or a lover looking for reassurance from the person you care about the most hearing a simple ‘I love you’ can be more than enough to bring the spark back in your eyes. Hearing that you are loved is important, it reminds you that you are not as much of a burden as you think you are and that you are on the minds of others. Whether you want someone to remind you of how thankful they are for all you do or if you want them to cheer you up by showing their emotions when you’re down in the dumps, you deserve that special pick me up from time to time. 

Life is very short and tomorrow is not promised. If a simple ‘I love you’ can brighten someone’s mood right now, why not share the things you’re already feeling if you’re feeling them? As human beings, we are very emotional creatures. We need to express ourselves and feel as if we’re being supported and cared for properly on all levels. 

If you were to wake up in the morning only to learn that someone you love had passed, how would you feel? Would you regret not saying ‘I love you’ enough? Would you feel as though there were things you should have done or shared? Of course, you would, this we should all keep in mind. Say now what you may not get the chance to say tomorrow. 

It doesn’t matter who says it first or who says it more often, just that those who love one another are saying it to one another. Sure, it might be hard to say sometimes but it’s an important phrase to use. If you love someone you need to make sure that they without a doubt know it to be true.

Don’t be afraid, if you love someone let them know. Hesitating only pushes you to miss the moment. Sometimes those three words are all we need to hear and while they might feel like they take a lot of effort the more you practice the easier they will roll right off of your tongue.

That simple ‘I love you’ could make someone’s day better, it could pick them up in ways you might have never imagined, and it could be exactly what that person needs. Whether you find it cheesy or not, share the feelings you have with the people you have them for. We only get one life, make the most of it.