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We sometimes find ourselves far closer to toxic people than we should but that doesn’t mean exactly what we might assume. No, there is no excuse for hurting others but the reasons why people are hurting you might not be as personal on your end as you think. 

When someone is lashing out at others or trying to manipulate them sometimes they’re doing this because of something they’re dealing with on the inside. They’re going through things too and while we might not see their struggles, we should at the very least acknowledge they could be going through something. Sometimes toxic people don’t have bad intentions, sometimes they have the best intentions but get lost along the way. 

Not all toxic people realize how damaging their actions or words can be. Some of them think they’re doing the right thing by trying to push you and others aren’t aware of how you’re feeling because they’re caught up in their own thoughts. Not all toxic people are just out to get you. Sometimes you can even help them grow if you bring their actions and words to their attention. 

I feel like in this day and age toxic people are considered as people who seek to do harm and use others point-blank, period. They don’t get that benefit of the doubt like everyone else does and some of them should. Even the most amazing person can turn toxic depending on what they’re facing in their day-to-day lives, and we as those close to them need to recognize this and help them through their rough times if and when we can. 

Don’t get me wrong we should be putting our own wellbeing first but if you know someone has a good heart help them through the rough patch before them. Don’t give up on them just because they did something you don’t agree with, address that something and talk to the person at hand. If they truly do have a good heart they will hear you out and from there this toxicity can be broken down.

I guess when it comes to these kinds of people knowing when to walk away and what your limits are should be first but you shouldn’t just give up on others because they’re acting a bit out of character. We all have our ups and downs is what I am trying to say. They might be holding onto a grudge that is really breaking them down, or they could even be going through things in their personal lives that you can’t fathom. Perhaps they’ve suffered a great loss or can’t get over the past. Again, while these things aren’t excuses to be jerks, they can help us understand why the person before us is acting as he or she is. 

Below I am going to go over a few tips for helping others overcome their own toxicities. While these tips aren’t anything too crazy they can help some people. Give these a go before giving up on someone you care about. 

3 Tips For Helping Others Let Go Of Toxicity:

1. Help them open up more properly.

While not everyone will be willing to open up some people will. When someone is going through something painful they may end up lashing out. Sharing that burden with someone else can sometimes be all they need to calm themselves properly. 

2. Help them to see that the past cannot be changed.

If this person is stuck living in the past they have a lot of growing to do. They need to come to terms with the fact that the past cannot be changed, and we are who we are now because of the things we’ve gone through. While this is a hard pill to swallow having someone by your side to help make a world of a difference.

3. Show them the results of their actions.

Make sure they see the things they’re doing to others. Those with truly good hearts will feel bad if they’ve hurt someone else. They might not see the results of their actions at first but the more you show them the more clear things will become.