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We are all on our own paths in this world, and as much as we would like to control certain situations, in reality it is not that simple. As we move through our lives we begin to learn more about ourselves and where we are headed.

Sometimes the people around us are not meant to be by our sides forever and while there is nothing wrong with that we are still human and letting go is hard. While you might want someone to be in your life with all of your heart, if they are not meant to go down a path that aligns with yours, things will never work. As sad as it is, this world is one that we have to maneuver through on our own from time to time.

Your journey is all about you and making it about someone else only holds you back. Just because you’re growing apart from one another doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person or that your partner is a bad person, it just means you’re both evolving in your own ways. Below I am going to go over some signs that indicate you and your partner are not meant to spend forever together in this life, maybe the next life you find one another in will play out how you’d want it to.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Meant Forever:

1. Something is tugging you away from your partner.

You cannot shake the feeling that this relationship might not be right for you. Sure, you love and care about this person but something is off. While it hurts to let go, it also hurts to hold on.

2. You’re expecting too much from your partner.

You have extreme expectations within your own mind that are setting things up to fail. You’re unable to get over this and it’s holding you and this person back. The worse this becomes the more apparent a split will end up seeming.

3. You are unable to get over the past.

Something that happened in the past has driven a wedge between you and this person. While you care about one another right now love is not enough to keep you together. You both need to go out and grow on your own before finding one another again someday.

4. You’re giving too much of yourself up.

Instead of being able to move through life and chase your dreams you’re just standing still. You want to get out there and make something of yourself but the relationship will not let you. This is a sign that you need to move on so that you can work to get where you truly feel you need to be.

5. You don’t feel secure in the relationship.

This can come up for a wide range of reasons and is quite damning for the relationship as a whole. If you’re not comfortable things are not going to work. You have to be secure with your partner for things to kick off properly.