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While in this day and age we hear a lot of different things about toxic people and how to ward them off but what if we are the most toxic person in our own lives? Sure, it might sound a bit far fetched but sometimes that is exactly the case a person is facing.

We are in many ways sometimes our own worst enemies and it is important to be aware of this. We all need to be willing to accept that sometimes people who seem toxic or negative around us might not be doing that to get under our skin or bring us down. Sometimes people are going through things that we cannot see. When we force these people to remain in our lives all the while knowing how their presence is influencing us, we doom ourselves and become more toxic than we realize.

There are lots of different ways in which we can be toxic towards ourselves. We can be overly negative in our self-talk, we can refuse to face opportunity when it comes knocking, and we can also cut ties with people who are trying to help us out of fear. The list of things that can really stem in regards is seemingly endless and should not go ignored.

We have to be willing to disconnect and look at things from an outside perspective if we really want to find a true sense of positivity and let go of that toxicity, period. Why is it that we are so quick to call others toxic and yet refuse to see our own actions as such when they are clearly that. Just because you think you have your best interests in mind does not mean you necessarily do. For instance, perhaps refusing to take chances is closing you off in ways you are unable to see.

Never refuse to check yourself, you need to be in the know when it comes to this kind of thing. Toxicity exists in many forms within this world we call our home. Just because you don’t want to consider yourself as such does not mean you are an angel.

The sooner you come to terms with the fact that you could be causing your own harm the sooner you can work to change it. You cannot grow if you’re stuck in the moment and unable to see things as they are. No one on this planet is perfect and even we end up hurting ourselves from time to time.

There is nothing wrong with coming to terms with this kind of thing and then working to change it. We can all learn from one another through accepting the things we find together. You are not always going to need to be in the lives of the people you see before you and vice versa. We all build things in our own ways and are all on our own journeys in this world.

Don’t be toxic, be a breath of fresh air in a world that is choking itself to death. Find your truth and live it. It’s never too late to make the proper changes. For more insight on this kind of thing and how we when toxic can end up acting please check out the video below.