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Something extraordinary is happening and we are completely oblivious. If you have noticed this then you are a much deeper thinking individual than most.

Breaking the chains of standard procedure society will allow you to see the world from a different perspective. The world is changing in many ways and for several reasons. These changes are leading up to something amazing and I cannot wait to see how it plays out.

No one likes the employment model, more and more people are wanting out. We have reached our limit we need a purpose. Entrepreneurship is currently beginning to boom thousands of people are bringing their ideas to life. We are using the internet as a means of bringing people together.

We are working towards a better life for everyone. After so many years of dealing with mass control, the internet is working as a means to bring information to the public. The small are no longer speechless in our current times, and while some are working against that, if we as a whole work for it, we can achieve a much stronger voice.

We are opening our eyes to the bad things being forced down our throats by the government. We are being given truthful information rather than simply what they wish for us to hear. We are working towards making the small farmers relevant again, and we are growing our own gardens. This is something that can reshape the whole economy if done on the proper level.

We have even managed to realize just how ruined our teaching methods are for our children. There are a large number of people working to rethink schooling altogether and no longer replicate the creation of system followers. We are working towards the fall of exaggerated consumerism and it is something that has been in the works for some time.

We have been manipulated for far too long, we are tricked into consuming as much as possible in the hopes of bettering our lives but it is doing no good. We need more than material items! We need time to use them, we need a life to live. As individuals and as a group we are becoming aware.

When we are awake and aware there is nothing we cannot achieve. We must stand together and continue on the path we are working towards. The society we live in today is not the one we should be living in. There is something amazing happening and it is only going to get better.