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While it might not feel like it right now, someday you will find true love. True love is out there and sure, it might be hard to find but it does exist. 

Someday all the toxic relationships you’ve had will no longer matter and the pains you’ve felt because of them will be gone. You are not going to be stuck upset and in struggling for the rest of your life. When you stop searching for someone to be with, things will align properly when you’re least expecting it. 

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that may indicate you’ve found that special someone and if the person you’re interested in doesn’t line up with these things they are not the one for you no matter how badly you might want them to be. Love is all about finding someone who can be the things you need all the while still remaining true to who they are and that is not easy in any sense of the word. I know, things might be hard right now and you might be lonely but don’t settle for anything less than the things listed below, you need them in your life. 

8 Signs You’ve Found The Love You’ve Always Needed:

1. There is mutual respect between the two of you.

You and this person can respect one another without having to question things overall. You’re on the same page and you are able to really see each other for who you are. There isn’t any line that you’re willing to cross when it comes to making one another uncomfortable.

2. They make you feel very loved and cared for. 

This person when he or she is the right person will make you feel cared for and loved. They won’t make you feel alone and as if you have no one to turn to. They want you to feel happy with them and vice versa.

3. You can communicate properly with this person.

This person is able to communicate with you properly and you with them. When an issue comes up you both sit-down and talk things out. Nothing is left to the imagination.

4. You can trust this person completely.

The person who loves you truly will be the person you can trust with anything and everything. You know he or she won’t hurt you in this sense and that your secrets are safer than they ever would be with anyone else. This person knows everything about you and would never use any of it to hurt you.

5. You’re both headed down similar paths and want the same things in life.

In this relationship, things are finally as they should be. You feel like you’re on the same page and your goals and values are lining up. You’re not constantly being pulled away from one another.

6. This person is not using you for his or her own gain.

This person love you for you, he or she doesn’t just stick around to use you. You can tell that you’re both putting effort into making things work and it’s quite beautiful. For once in your life, you don’t feel like you’re the only one carrying this weight with you.

7. This person does not cross your boundaries.

When you say you’re not comfortable with something this person makes sure to stop that something. He or she does not cross your boundaries. You are both comfortable and content with each other and always feel safe.

8. When you need someone to be there, this person is present.

If you need someone this person is always there. He or she answers your calls in the middle of the night and doesn’t jump ship when things get rough. They are here for the ups and downs.