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Poisonous people are all around us but chances are you’re looking at the wrong people without realizing it. They can sometimes be the most unexpected people and coming to terms with that is important.

While you might not want to point the finger at friends or family, you might need to. They can be just as poisonous as strangers or co-workers that you’re not necessarily close with. Just because they’ve been in your life for a long time does not mean they aren’t doing damage in regards. Even the most important people in our lives can sometimes have the worst intentions as sad as that is to realize. 

Sometimes these people disguise themselves well and while they appear to be friends, they’re your worst enemies all the while you’re completely oblivious. Whether you use the word toxic, poisonous, or just dangerous overall these people are not the kinds of people you want in your life. They do nothing but drag you down and use your own words and actions against you.

There is nothing wrong with cutting ties with the people who are bringing you down and doing harm in your life regardless of who those people are to you. Sometimes family can be harmful to us and in many cases leaving them in the past is a great way to promote a positive future. While cutting out family members and friends is a lot harder than letting go of strangers, if they’re poisonous people they don’t deserve to be in your life. 

You should never let someone who is constantly lying to you, blaming you for things you have no control over, and manipulating you into doing what they want to remain by your side. That only adds more fuel to the fire that is already raging and is a horrible idea. The only way to move on from that kind of thing is to remove that person even if it hurts. 

Just because they’re your cousin, aunt, mom, or just your best friend doesn’t mean that you owe them anything. You should receive the efforts you place forth back and if you’re not then why waste your time? The people who truly care for you won’t beat you down like those who are poisonous, please never forget that.

For more information on cutting ties and how to go about doing-so with people who are closer than you’d like to admit please check out the video below. Just because it’s something that might take time doesn’t mean it’s not something you should do. Keep your own wellbeing in mind and always do what is best for you. At the end of the day, you are the only person who will truly be by your side once all is said and done, be there for yourself above all else.