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Tons of people come into our lives as we move through this world and well, not all of them stick around. We love some of them and others well, we wish they would move on quicker, right?

When it comes to the people before us, some of them are here to help us grow, some of them are here to support us, and there are even some who are meant to show us the worst side of humanity so that we can through those experiences learn how we should not be and who we do not want to turn out like. I know, this can be confusing but it’s all a part of life.

Whether you care about these people or not, they can be very toxic. They come into our lives at the best or worst times and well, how they impact us as we continue on can say a lot about who we are and where we are headed. Don’t sell yourself short, you are amazing and you are capable of becoming whoever you want to be if you work hard enough at it.

Even those who do us wrong teach us things in this world. They show us how we should not treat others and remind us that we deserve better. We can learn lessons in basically anything and well, that you should keep in mind. Sure, negative relationships and connections are hard to face, but they are things we all must get through.

Sometimes, the worst people teach us the best lessons. The experiences you have with toxic people help you grow. They show you what you don’t want in life and what you should never put up with. They allow us to move on in ways we otherwise never would and really help solidify the things that we without them never would be capable of.

I know, it can be hard and that you may end up losing yourself along the way as a result but the more you believe in yourself the better when it comes to things like this. We cannot hide from toxic people. They will find us no matter how hard we try to avoid them. They come in as knights in shiny armor and from there they break us down. Everything we face in this world we face for a reason, and they are no exception.

While they may turn cold when we stop giving in to them, that is where we gain our strength. We begin to see them for who they truly are and are better able to protect ourselves from others like them in the future. The more pain we face in this world, the stronger we become.

There is nothing wrong with cutting ties with people who do not want to see you doing well. These people should be outgrown and left in the past whether it’s hard for you to do or not. They do not have a purpose in your future and the sooner you see that the better.

The more you interact with others the better you become at gauging intentions. We as human beings are always moving towards something more and if you allow those who want to do you harm to hold you back, you will never find that ‘something more.’ Your life is in your own hands and you need to be willing to take the initiative to learn the lessons before you.

Life is not as long as it feels like it is, tomorrow is not promised. You could go to bed tonight and not wake up in the morning. Living each day to the fullest and only feeding into proper positive connections is important.

Everyone on this planet is a teacher but knowing what you should be learning from each one can be hard to follow. Align more properly with your truth and from there, things will begin to make sense. It’s not going to be easy but in time you will understand this entirely.