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On the surface of the sun, some sunspots erupt from time to time. On occasion, a solar flare is emitted and launched towards Earth and the energetic impact of a solar flare can be massive.

Just a few days ago, a massive solar eruption took place, known as a coronal mass ejection. With a coronal mass ejection, the sun sends plasma and radioactive particles hurtling toward Earth, which causes a geomagnetic storm.

Put simply, when the particles enter our atmosphere, they interact with our magnetic field, because the particles are energetically fueled.

In turn, we see satellite disruptions (some so massive that satellites fall to Earth, as happened in February shortly after a SpaceX launch) and power grid interferences. In many cases, we get to see the Northern and Southern lights, which are caused by these solar storms.

The effect we don’t often think about is how this massive emission of energy affects us on an energetic level.

On a quantum level, scientists acknowledge that we are made up of energy, much like everything around us. And other energy affects our energy. When radioactive particles come into the atmosphere of our home planet, the energetic interaction can cause many different things to happen.

Because of this, we will likely see unexpected changes in our lives, strange glitches in our reality, and a multitude of synchronicities. It’s also a wonderful time for magical spells, and other forms of energetic works because the immense amount of energy coming our way can be manipulated for manifestation.

To truly reap the benefits of this energy, you can light an orange candle and align yourself with the energy of the Sun.

While this energy will be largely beneficial, such a wave of energy all at once can weigh heavily on our energetic field. At first, you may feel a boost of energy and productivity, but over the next few days, you will likely feel a bit drained. To thwart this, be sure to ground yourself plenty and spend time in nature.

For those of you using this energy for manifestation, doing your energy work outside will provide a three-fold outcome! So, be sure to do your work with good intentions.