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While NikkiTutorials and Snoop Dogg are both very prominant figures in the world today, and have made various accomplishments individually, this wonderful, and strange mashup is what dreams are made of. Nikkie de Jager (NikkiTutorials) posted a video on April 20th, otherwise known as 420 to the smoke culture- and Snoop Dogg’s commentary of the video will make you laugh so hard it hurts.

As the video begins, she explains that she had already prepared her viewing audience for some upcoming specials, due to her collaboration with Mark Jacobs. Announcing her accomplice as Snoop Dogg, she begins the video. However, instead of Nikki explaining the steps and what she is using, Snoop narrates and ‘tutors’ us on how to achieve the perfection Nikki is known for.

And as we all expected, he added some Snoop-isms, like, ‘”get some cream on that brizz-ush” and “smoke it out baby, for me.”

Of course, he uses various other wonderful sayings, as we all expect, but I was pretty impressed by how much he knew about makeup.

While I won’t divulge too much, as it will spoil the video for you, I will say that since it was 4/30…..*cough*, there were a pretty funny insinuations regarding ‘smoking,’ that make the video good for even those of you who wouldn’t typically watch a makeup tutorial. Check it out for yourself, I needed a good laugh, and it definitely did the trick!