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As we move forth we’re getting closer and closer to the night of the thunder moon and the penumbral lunar eclipse. This eclipse/full moon duo energy is going to be intense and stems from the sign of Capricorn. 

This interesting celestial event is one that will open a lot of doors energetically for all of us. As we grow through the coming days we will be setting the mood for what is to come. If you want to make the most of the energies we’re about to face and really manifest more in your day-to-day life figuring out a ritual that works well for you to do during this event can be a wonderful thing. 

Because this full moon/lunar eclipse is happening during a time period where the Sirius Gateway will also be open, it is not something we should ignore. This gateway being open offers us all a chance to be reborn or reinvent ourselves in a sense. It is something that when working alongside the energies of this eclipse will push our powers into overdrive. 

We will be capable of so much more and really able to see things as they are rather than how we might hope they would be. This event in itself will be all about opening your eyes and so below I am going to go over the ritual I will be using as I make the most of these celestial events. While you can tweak this ritual some, it overall should be a good one for those who are unsure of where to begin in all of this. 

Sirius Gateway And Thunder Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual For July 2020 

Things Needed:

Your preferred smudging tools

Several candles

A glass of water 

A small shovel 


Find a spot outside that you are able to dig into. This will be the place where you do your ritual. Under the light of the full moon with it dulled from the eclipse, dig a small hole and then smudge the area and your body. 

Remember that you’re working to cleanse the area itself and remove stagnant energies as you do this. From here sit down and meditate for a moment, clear your mind and light your candles. 

Once these candles are lit take the glass of water and place your hands over the top of it. Move back into a meditative state still holding the glass and with your mind’s eye think of all the things you want to let go of during this eclipse and allow those things to flow into the water. Take as long as you need. 

Once you’ve done that pour the water into the hole all the while reaffirming that you’re giving your woes back to Mother Nature for her to transform. This in itself completes your ritual. Yes, it’s short but it’s also quite powerful to do things of this nature. After all is said and done thank Mother Nature and the energies before you then go and take a nice cleansing bath to wash off anything that may have gotten stuck to you in the process.

Do not be afraid of these energies, they are here to help. You are capable of so much and you through this should feel recharged. Things are going to be looking up soon.