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One mother has recently revealed just how serious her struggle can be. She has had to manage surviving for at least six days at a time so that her children could eat.

Her name is Sadie Drew and she is 30 years old. Sadie has several children and while during the school season she relies on free school meals with the summertimes holiday present things are tough. It is difficult for her to afford to feed all of the mouths that need to be fed. She says that in order to make up the difference, she just doesn’t eat herself.

Sadie turns to a local food bank for help and it really does make a difference. Before she knew about the food bank and ways to get proper help, she did what she had to do in starving herself so that her children would be able to eat. I am sure a lot of moms out there would do the same and so this really does hit home.

She told the Mirror as follows:

“Kids don’t stop eating, boredom kicks in and they replace that with food, and they just eat.”

“Whereas in school they have certain snack times, and they are getting education, they are busy and their minds are ticking all the time. When that’s not happening, they are just hungry all the time.”

“It doesn’t help when benefits cut you down from 168 pounds to 116 pounds” 

“It was tax credits, they decided they overpaid us two years ago, and they are taking it back at astronomical rates.”

“My kids need to eat, and pride goes out the window when it involves children. If it was me, I’d starve.”

“I have done it for my children. Before I knew about the Foodbank and that I could get help, I was a single mom to my two girls and I didn’t eat for six days straight.”

“Without this place (the Foodbank), it would be a major struggle.”

The person who runs this specific Foodbank says that they gave out over 800 meals in 2 hours on the first day that school was let out for Summer. They have seen an increase in numbers big time lately and are doing what they can to help. It is hard for people to come up with money they don’t have and when things like this happen it can make you feel like you’re facing the end of the world.

No mother should have to wonder if she is going to be able to have enough food for her children to eat. To learn more about this kind of thing please check out the video below. It is a lot more common than you might think and is happening in a lot of places. Mothers should not be forced to starve themselves so that their kids can eat, everyone should be fed no matter what. The Video is US based and shows just how important these Foodbanks are.

(image via: mirror UK)