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For years, there has been a running joke that the Simpsons have predicted everything. What’s interesting, though, is that if you look at different things that have happened and watch old episodes of the show, you will most definitely find strange parallels.

Some of these strange coincidences include Donald Trump running for president, the Biden-Harris presidency, smartwatches, and the Disney-Fox merger. There are dozens of others. And while the producer of the show, Darren Rovell hasn’t really ever admitted this before, in a recent Tweet he seems to concede that the show did predict 2020.

In the Tweet, he writes, “The Simpsons doesn’t predict the future… there are just so many episodes…” May 6, 1993: A Simpsons episode plot has the town of Springfield getting sick with a flu that originates in Asia. While the town begs for a vaccine, murder bees show up.”

His Tweet received 2.8 million views and received thousands of comments and retweets

In the episode, it seems that the show predicted the corona-virus self-quarantine and possibly even Kobe Bryant’s deadly crash. Additionally, many believe the deadly murder bees predicted the murder hornets.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this is that in another viral Tweet claiming that the Simpson’s had predicted 2020, Bill Oakley, one of the writers of the show said “Ok fine I guess we did.”