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Sometimes we end up in relationships with people who want to control us. It is not that we have done anything wrong, on the contrary, it is something that is truly wrong with the person who is trying to control us.

Throughout the years I am sure you have had at least one encounter with a person who wanted to control you in your relationship. This can be frustrating and really make you feel bad because you might not know how to face it. Controlling behavior is not okay and if your partner is crossing your boundaries you might not need to be with that person anymore.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be in a relationship with someone who is trying to control you. Whether he or she realizes it or not these things can bring you down drastically, especially when you have no reason to be treated like a child. While you might overlook some of these things many of them are a bit too far.

22 Signs Your Partner Is Super Controlling:

1. He or she is always criticizing you.

This person is always using words to bring you down. If you do something it is wrong and if you do it your own way you shouldn’t have done it at all. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

2. He or she uses guilt against you.

This person is always guilt tripping you. They want you to do things even when you’re not interested in them. Sure, sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do but this is to an extreme.

3. He or she is very paranoid about the relationship.

This person is always making the biggest assumptions. He or she is always very paranoid in general. Even the smallest thing can send him or her over the edge.

4. He or she is cutting you off from others.

This person does not want you to see your friends or family without being present. This person wants to cut those people out of your life and is doing so one by one. While you might not see it right off the bat eventually you will realize there is no one left.

5. He or she is always spying on you.

This person is always going through your stuff and creeping on your phone. He or she is trying to catch you doing something you shouldn’t be doing even without reason. It’s like there is no trust present within the relationship at all.

6. He or she is always overreacting.

This person takes small things and turns them into huge things. He or she is constantly overreacting about everything. Even the most simple situations become hell with this person.

7. He or she assumes the worst.

This person is always assuming the worst and refusing to let you explain. When something looks one way he or she thinks that has to be how it is. There is no getting through to him or her.

8. He or she always wants to argue.

This person always wants to argue with you. There is no sitting down and talking things out. Every time you get into a deep topic he or she gets heated.

9. He or she is always bringing you down.

This person is always belittling you. He or she brings you down in many ways. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

10. He or she pressures you to do things.

This person pressures you to really put yourself out there in ways you might not feel comfortable with. He or she wants you to fit into a box of what he or she thinks you should be. You are a puppet to this person.

11. He or she refuses to see your side of things.

This person never sees things from your perspective. It’s like they refuse to think outside of their own bias. You can’t ever truly get through to them.

12. He or she makes you earn their trust even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

This person is always acting as if you have betrayed them even when you have not. He or she is always making you feel like you have to earn something back that you have not yet lost in the first place. It can be quite frustrating.

13. He or she doesn’t respect your privacy.

This person will go through your things without thinking twice. He or she thinks that because you are together you have no right to privacy. This person won’t care how upset he or she makes you.

14. He or she doesn’t allow you time to yourself.

This person will not allow you to spend any time alone. Whenever you make your own plans he or she will pop up. You just cannot get away from him or her not even for a minute.

15. He or she puts conditions on love.

This person is always quick to pull the ‘if you love me’ card. He or she knows that through that you will do most things. This is not fair to you at all.

16. He or she manipulates your emotions.

This person is always saying and doing things to make you feel a certain way. He or she manipulates your emotions. You should not allow this.

17. He or she leaves you feeling super drained.

This person is always making you feel exhausted. You feel drained after being around him or her and don’t necessarily like spending time with him or her anymore. You just want some peace.

18. He or she is always accusing you of things.

This person is always acting as if you have done something wrong even when you have not. He or she makes you out to be a villain in all situations. You could sleep all day and still have somehow managed to flirt with someone else.

19. He or she is very one-sided on everything.

This person is very one-sided. It is his or her way or no way at all. They are either with you or completely against you. Common ground is not possible.

20. He or she never lets anything go.

This person holds onto grudges like the plague. You cannot ever forget anything with him or her around. This person never lets anything go, ever.

21. He or she makes threats towards you.

This person makes threats to you in regards to leaving you or in some cases hurting his or herself. These kinds of things are not alright and depending on the situation should not be tolerated. You are not a toy to be stepped on.

22. He or she pushes you to the edge often.

This person is always pushing your buttons. He or she knows how to throw you off the edge and doesn’t care when it happens. They make you feel like your head is going to explode.

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