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This week there is a lot going on in the celestial world. Energies are shifting and with that, we’re facing a lot.

If you’re feeling out of place or less like yourself right now, then this shifting is probably why. As this week continues to move forth, things will only get more and more intense overall. Below I am going to go over what each sign should be aware of in regards, while you shouldn’t be too afraid awareness never hurts.


This week you’re going to be feeling thrown all over the place. This is because you’re more on edge than you typically would be. As energies shift you’re going to notice tensions rising within your close circles and that could cause issues for you that you’re not ready to face.


The shifting this week holds for you is going to bring out your emotional side. You’re going to be digging much deeper and finding out things you never expected. Remember to keep your mind open above all else right now.


For the Gemini this week might not seem like much and you overall may feel a bit lazy but this is a period of rest you’ve been in need of. Take the time to relax and let your mind chill. You’re always going through things and it’s time for a break.


This week for the Cancer is going to have you finally speaking out for yourself. You matter and the more that time passes the clearer that will become. There are a lot of toxic people in your close circle and it’s time to weed them out.


As a Leo, you’re still feeling pretty normal right now but that could change overnight. You’re going to be experiencing more of the negatives of this shifting than you might expect. Perhaps it’s time to take a few steps back and let things play out rather than trying your best to change their potential outcomes.


This week the energies around you are going to have you wanting to hang up your towel but that’s not something you need to do. You need to keep pushing on and working hard. You’ve got a lot of potentials and you need to persevere.


The energies surrounding you right now as a Libra are going to show you that you’re not where you want to be in life. There are changes that need to be made and they will make themselves known. Do not hold back, good things are coming.


The shifting you’re facing is going to have you feeling very much out of place. You are yearning for something you’re very unsure of and that’s going to have you wanting to get out of the house, within reason. Maybe spending some time on your own would be a good thing for you this week.


There are tons of things going on in your life right now and these energies just make things even messier. You need to stop bringing your stress home with you and instead leave it at the door. The more strain you put on those closest to you the further away they will become.


These shifting energies are going to throw you through a loop, that’s for sure. You’re going to be going through it romantically with the person you’re closest to and this could make or break the relationship as a whole. If you want to make things work, you need to sit down and talk through what you’re facing.


These energies for the Aquarius are going to be pushing your limits big time. You’re going to be feeling like you cannot hang on any longer but you must. This is a test and in the end, you will come out on top if you put your best efforts forth.


As a Pisces, these energies might not feel too terrible right now but as the days continue to unfold you’re going to be a bit down in the dumps. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t take anything for granted right now. There is a lot more going on than what you can see offhand.