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While the woman that you spend the rest of your life with won’t have a flashing arrow pointing towards her, proving she is the one for you – when you meet her, she will show you if you pay attention. If she does most of the fifteen things listed below, you’ve got a keeper, and you better hold on tight!

Dating can prove to be difficult, as people aren’t always as transparent about their true nature from the get go. But, if you have found a woman that has been in your life and been good to you, leading you to believe she is the one, you may be right! Want to know for sure? Keep reading.

1. She supports you, and encourages you to reach for your dreams.

The woman that loves you will support you through anything, and always maintain faith that you can accomplish your dreams. She won’t tear you down, and she won’t discourage you.

2. She forgives you.

Love isn’t about being perfect. Love is about growing together and learning to love without condition. Yes, there will be mistakes along the way, but if you truly want to make it through this life, you need to be with someone that understands you are a work in progress, and they are too!

3. She shows interest in the things you love.

You can’t expect a person to share all the same interests as you. But, it helps when your partner tries to show interest in the things that drive you.

4. She checks on you.

If someone cares, they will check up on you, and try to keep tabs on how you are feeling and what you are going through. She may try to steer you in a better direction, or simply be a shoulder to lean on. And its not that you have to be checked on because you are grown, it’s that she wants to make sure you are okay.

5. She is brutally honest – but has your best interest in mind.

While you may not want to hear it, she knows you need to. And if you ask her something, she will tell you like it is. She knows you don’t need things sugar coated, and she wants only the best for you.

6. She has trust in you.

Trust is paramount to long term satisfaction in a relationship. And unlike a lot of people tend to be in this world, she doesn’t hold past hurts against you, or compare you to those who have hurt her.

7. She understands that you have your own life.

She doesn’t try to control you, or hold you back from living your own life. She understands that you need space, just like she does, and she gives you time to do what you love. She doesn’t get clingy in a suffocating manner, and she doesn’t try to hold you back from what makes you happy.

8. She treats you with consideration.

Before making major decisions, she considers your opinion. And she doesn’t do things that are inconsiderate or make you feel as though you don’t matter.

9. She is her own person.

The woman for you will not depend on you to validate her existence. She has her own life, and is strong and independent while loving you with all her heart.

10. She introduces you to the people she loves.

She doensn’t try to hide you, or act ashamed of you. She takes you around the people she loves, and proudly shows her love for you to the world. She isn’t afraid for anyone to know you are together.

11. She tries to impress the ones you love.

She knows that if someone matters to you, it’s important to try to make sure they matter to her as well. If you introduce her to someone, she is kind and compassionate, and doesn’t act as though she is disinterested.

12. She doesn’t try to be something she is not.

She doesn’t pretend to be someone else, and is not fake at all. She is 100% herself, and would never dream of making herself out to be someone else in order to mislead you.

13. And she won’t try to change you.

She knows that everyone is imperfect, and doesn’t try to make you be someone you are not. She loves and accepts all your quirks, because she knows that you are your own person.

14. She encourages you to be a better person.

While she won’t change you, if she believes you are worthy and able to achieve more, she will encourage you to reach for the stars. In her mind, she can see accomplishments and evolution you can’t, and she tries to help you see it.

15. You have similar long-term goals.

You may not see eye to eye on everything, but when you talk about the future, you both generally want the same thing. This is important, because eventually, these things do arise, and you need to be prepared and understand what’s next for the both of you.