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Shamans are exactly magic in the sense that most people like to think. They are capable of communicating with higher forms of life which is not something magical at all, just something quite spiritually important. 

As a Shaman becomes exactly that lots of training and learning has to take place. This person learns about higher beings, awareness, the other side and so much more. They must become capable of leaving their physical body behind and moving through the realms of existence that most people spend their entire lives unaware of. This all meaning, it’s not easy being or becoming a Shaman.

Now, when it comes to disease Shamans don’t always look at things from a physical perspective which in many ways is why their treatments are so effective. External injuries, of course, need to be treated properly, but that doesn’t mean the mainstream medication is the only means of getting better. When you partner this with the things Shamanism has to offer, you open a lot of doors.

When you look into Shamanism you find that according to their terms there are several different things that can cause disease that are not quite as clear-cut as we would initially make them out to be. True healing is far deeper than most are aware of and that is something we all need to come to terms with.

Below I am going to go over some of these things and explain them as best I can. When you or anyone else is suffering from any kind of disease these causes should be considered and worked through all the while receiving modern times treatment. When caring for the spiritual mind as well as the physical body in unison, we can truly overcome the things that this world throws our way.

4 Shamanic Causes Of Disease:

1. Soul Loss

Soul loss is a lot more intense than most people stop to realize. It is something that happens when our soul, in essence, tries to leave us or actually does leave us. This kind of thing usually stems from some kind of very deep and unfathomable trauma. It makes you lose yourself in more ways than you ever thought you could and thus when you are at your worst allows disease to set in.

2. Fear

When it comes to disease fear plays a big role. The more serious and chronic your fear levels are within the more vulnerable you will become to disease and other things of the sort. Fear in many ways creates a proper breeding ground for all unfortunate things that stem forth in our lives.

3. Disharmony

Shamans usually look to this first before the other possible causes as it is the most common one. This happens when someone loses something very important to them or when someone is unable to figure things out. For instance, if you are suddenly dumped or a close relative passes on. This kind of thing is painful and hard to overcome thus leaving us again at risk of falling down in ways we might not be able to get back up from.

4. Power Loss

Power loss is similar to soul loss in the sense that something crucial is being lost. During power loss, a person loses their chi or life force. They are drained to an extent where they cannot properly build things back up and thus they find themselves quite down in the dumps and in some cases with chronic health issues. The more power you gain back the more positive your life will become, this you should keep in mind.