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If you have met a girl with a gypsy soul, then you will know it. If you are searching through your memory, trying to place one in your mind, then you haven’t met one yet, but maybe you will one day, if you are lucky.

The woman with a gypsy soul will forever leave an impact on your soul. When you meet her, your life will already be changing, but it is her soul that guides you through this change. Are you ready?

1. Her spirit is free.

She hates rules and organization- she lives by the beat of her own drum. She questions authority, and is constantly changing the constructs of her own reality.

2. She is intuitive.

Her intuition is her guide, and it is usually on point. Whether you believe in her is irrelevant, as she knows her spirit will guide her.

3. She is creative.

No matter where she is, or what she is doing- she finds a way to add her own touch to personalize her environment and to add her own flair to the world around her.

4. She is always down for adventure.

No matter what day it is, and regardless of her prior commitments, she is always down to completely change route and do something exciting. She loves life, and the adventures along the way are what keep her on task.

5. She is untamable.

She can’t be held down by anyone else’s moral reserve, or by the rules of society. She lives the life she believes in and there is no one who could make her do otherwise.

6. Her home can be anywhere.

She isn’t stuck on the idea of staying in one place for the rest of her life, and she can be content with the clothes she has on her back, a little food in her stomach, and the open road ahead. She never knows what is going to happen next, and that is how she prefers it.

7. She still believes in magic.

When she is under the night sky, with the stars above her- there is nothing you could say to make her believe that magic doesn’t exist.

8. She loves Mother Nature.

Nature is her home. She can sleep on the ground, swim naked in the river, and walk barefoot through the forrest. And it isn’t out of necessity it is because she truly enjoys it.

9. She is completely independent.

She doesn’t need anyone for anything, and she doesn’t have to have company around her at all times. She is secure with herself and enjoys spending time alone.

10. She is natural.

She doesn’t cake on makeup, or wear layers of fancy clothing to cover up her true self. Instead, she embraces her natural beauty, and allows her soul to shine through.

11. She sees the beauty in everything.

From the moon to the flowers, and even to the dead trees in the midst of winter- she can appreciated beauty in all forms.

12. She is entranced by music.

Whenever a song comes on that she enjoys, she can’t help but dance. It’s as though the music is the fuel that her body thrives on.

13. She has a motley crew of friends/associates that she has met and keeps in touch with (randomly.)

Her friends, her tribe, and the people that left the biggest impact on her are the misfits. They are those who don’t live up to society’s expectations, making them perfect friends for her.

14. She thinks deeply.

While everyone else may be focused on the current television shows, or movies on Netflix, she is contemplating the meaning of life. She gets bored easy with small talk, and often stays inside of her mind because of this.

15. She loves deeply.

When she meets you, she could fall in love within moments, as she doesn’t try to stop herself from feeling without limits. And when she loves someone- she LOVES them.

16. She doesn’t back down.

She isn’t afraid of anything. And even if she is, she’d never let you know it.

17. She trusts in the Universe.

Instead of letting the worst situations tear her down, she believes that everything happens for a reason and continues to trudge forward knowing good things will happen in time.

18. She doesn’t care about materialistic things.

Materials don’t interest her, and keeping up with the ‘Jones’ doesn’t either. She is interested in expanding her soul.

19. She loves all sentient beings.

Even a little grasshopper on the concrete will get her sympathy if she notices him injured, because she doesn’t think in terms of species, as she knows we all can feel pain.

20. She doesn’t sugar coat ANYTHING.

What she says is real. She doesn’t mean anything by it, she is just blatantly honest.

21. She doesn’t care to be tied down.

She is always waiting for the next adventure, and the adventures are what feed her soul. She doesn’t care to limit that with commitment to other people/things.

22. She is entirely self-sufficient.

While she may enjoy the company of others, she doesn’t need anyone. No matter the situation, she is a survivor, and she will make it through.