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Sure, mothers can be great but not all mothers are as they should be. Parenting is hard and doesn’t come with a guide book on how to do things perfectly.

We all faced our own unique situations with our parents and while some of our mothers might have tried to do better for our sake, sometimes things just don’t work out that way. Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of toxic mothers. These are mothers who tore us down with or without realizing it. Whether you see it right now or not, having a mother that falls into one of these types has taken a toll on you even into adulthood.

7 Types Of Toxic Mothers Who Leave Us Broken Down:

1. The Controlling Mother

This is the mother that wanted to control everything. She wanted you to do exactly as she said, the moment she said it. While she may have felt that was the best option for raising you, she made a lot of mistakes along the way and you kind of resent her for it, don’t you?

2. The Invasive Mother

This is the mother that refuses to let you have any real sense of privacy. She goes through all of your things and basically treats you like you’re not a person. It’s like everything you do she needs to know about which should only be to an extent. She’s definitely the reason why you don’t keep a diary or at least why you never have.

3. The Neglectful Mother

This kind of mother is one that just tries to do her own thing. She isn’t happy about having to take care of you and so she essentially basically does the bare minimum, if that. She might love you but she’s not sure how to really be there as she should be. She’s not the kind of mother who makes dinner and sits with you to talk about your day and as you are aware, neglect comes in many forms.

4. The Unrealistic Expectation Filled Mother

This kind of mother wants you to be perfect at all times. She expects you to make the best grades and always held you to the highest standards. Even doing your best for her was never enough, was it?

5. The Aggressive Mother

This type of mother is hard to deal with. She becomes aggressive over basically any little thing. You try your hardest not to mess up and anger her but after time passes you begin to realize that nothing you do is going to keep her content. She is constantly taking out her rage on you in any way she sees fit.

6. The Narcissistic Mother

This kind of mother is one that wants everything to be perfect and holds lots of qualities from the other kinds of mothers present on this list. She is a narcissist and her wants always come before your needs. She puts on a show for others and makes herself out to be the perfect mother, but you know the truth behind all of her lies, don’t you?

7. The Mother You Have To Parent

This kind of mother is one that you have to take care of. She comes home needing her hair held back, and you have to pickup her slack in a lot of areas. This kind of mother forces you to grow up far too quickly.