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The universe is always throwing us signs whether we see them or not. When something is about to change, we tend to feel it even if we can’t quite place what is to come.

Your life path is going to take you down all kinds of twists and turns. As the energies, before you change things within your life will begin coming across in a different way. Knowing the signs will help you really begin to pick up on when you’re about to be thrown through a loop.

Not all the changes you come before will be easy to face or positive, but they will all put you more towards where you need to be. Life works in some of the most mysterious ways and you need to remember that no matter what is happening. Whether you’re seeing repeating numbers or coming across more animals than usual the signs should be plain to see.

7 Signs Your Whole Life Is About To Change:

1. You are opening up more and more.

When change is coming you might be more adept when it comes to opening up and being yourself. You will be revealing to others parts of yourself that you otherwise would not have. You aren’t as closed off and hidden anymore. Some of your most hidden sides are coming into the light.

2. Numbers are becoming more prominent and important in your life.

When change is coming you might notice more synchronistic events. You could find repeating numbers in all that you do and if this is happening you should look into those numbers. Numbers all hold their own meanings and numerology plays a big role in all of our lives.

3. You feel kind of lost in where you are right now.

When change is coming you will feel quite lost. You won’t know where you’re headed and it might really confuse you. While this will be something you struggle with, as time passes things will begin to make more sense. There is nothing wrong with being lost from time to time.

4. Your emotions are much more intense than usual.

When change is coming your emotions will become intense. You will be feeling more and depending on the emotions coming for that could really hurt. Just remember to embrace each emotion as it comes forth and do not bottle any of them. By addressing them and moving on from them you are dealing with them without giving them power.

5. You’re beginning to see what you don’t want.

When change is coming you will begin to see exactly what you don’t want in your life and who is holding you back. All of the negative things will be highlighted. While cutting ties and moving on from these things won’t be easy, it is far more important than you probably think.

6. Your dreams are bringing messages to you whether you can interpret them or not.

When change is coming you might notice a lot of messages within your dreams. Your dreams are a way for the universe and the spirit world itself to contact you. The more vivid and prominent your dreams are the more you should look into them. You never know what messages could be hiding within them.

7. You can feel the energies growing around you.

When changes are coming, and you can really feel them. While you might not know what is coming you can sense that the energies around you are fluctuating. This can be quite confusing and frustrating.

If you want to learn about some affirmations you can use to really kick change into gear in some of the best ways please feel free to check out the video below. Life isn’t as terrifying as we tend to make it out to be. You can handle any and all of the changes that are headed your way. Just believe in yourself as much as the universe does.