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The new moon we’re going to be facing soon will be a powerful one. It will be in Virgo and with that, we may be able to finally relax a little bit.

For a long time now we’ve been neglecting ourselves in ways that we may not be as adept at picking up on. We might feel something is wrong, but we’re not sure why or how to fix it. This can cause lots of issues for us all.

Because this new moon will be influenced by Virgo we will all be really thinking more and assessing things that come forth. Instead of sitting around without reason, we will be breaking through and realizing how much more care we should be taking of ourselves on a physical and perhaps even soul level. When the moon is in Virgo regardless of its phase, it is offered a stronger energy than most expect.

We find more motivation and are much more willing to take things seriously which is a good change for us all. I know, this might not sound like much, but it could be something you specifically have been needing. Life has been hectic and a bit insane as of late, and this is going to be your chance as well as mine to really wind down and take what’s important into consideration. wrote as follows on these energies:

In the late summer, when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo, we have what is called a Virgo New Moon. This is always a time of new beginnings and a time of a new emotional cycle. This New Moon is different in that we don’t plant new seeds; instead, we try to figure out what to do with what we’ve harvested. You’ll find yourself asking, “Where do I go from here?” The key is figuring out how to use what you’ve been working on to create a different kind of new beginning. Now that you’ve plucked that wheat the Virgo is known for holding, how are you going to use it?

During this period that the new moon holds power, you should be grateful. The two weeks or so that these energies are present we will all be able to finally take things seriously and tick off things that we have been putting on the back burner for far too long. Any step towards progress during this time is a huge step in the right direction.

To learn more about what this new moon could hold for you, take a look at the video below. These energies might catch you off guard, but they will help you grow big time. I for one cannot wait to see how things unfold in my life.