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This new moon will be happening on the 17th of this month (September 2020). It will be in the sign Virgo and with that offer us a lot of interesting energies that we will not be able to get away from no matter how hard we try.

While Virgo is an Earth sign, it is one that a lot of people consider to be a bit on the fence. It can be a very positive sign or a very negative sign depending on the energies that it manifests. When something like this happens, we all end up aided in one way or another but not always in the ways we would hope for. Sure, you might feel more motivated but if you’re unable to move forward, what’s the point? Right?

Well, wrote as follows explaining some of these energies:

In the late summer, when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo, we have what is called a Virgo New Moon. This is always a time of new beginnings and a time of a new emotional cycle. This New Moon is different in that we don’t plant new seeds; instead, we try to figure out what to do with what we’ve harvested. You’ll find yourself asking, “Where do I go from here?” The key is figuring out how to use what you’ve been working on to create a different kind of new beginning. Now that you’ve plucked that wheat the Virgo is known for holding, how are you going to use it?

This kind of thing is an opportunity for us all to work towards rebuilding our lives which considering how the year has been is exactly what we should be doing right now. Be more willing to get things done and don’t take the things others say too deeply right now. Be mindful but don’t get too caught up in the moment. I know, that might sound a bit odd but it’s important to keep in mind.

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows about some of the things we tend to face when Virgo and the new moon come together in such a manner:

Some of Virgo’s “lessons” involve learning to make sense of our lives by focusing on tangible, practical matters. If you’ve ever allowed such things as paying bills, handling paperwork, and organizing drawers or closets go to the wayside for an extended period of time, you’ve probably experienced some level of chaos (and the vague feeling of guilt that goes with it). Tackling piles of bills, handling emails as they come in, sorting through drawers and closets, and other such menial tasks is surprisingly relieving. Freeing our minds of unnecessary clutter is one of Virgo’s lessons, and the New Moon in Virgo presents an ideal time to commit to such a task. Another important lesson that we can learn from Virgo is the art of discrimination. Virgo natives can sometimes be criticized for criticizing! Well-developed critical faculties, however, aid us to cut out some of the fluff or the chaos in our lives, and allow us to spot problematic situations. We all need to do a balancing act with regards to opening our minds to others and to situations, versus deciding what and who to cut out.

During this whole ordeal paying close attention to the fine details before you might be important according to Jennifer Racioppi. Sure, things might feel intense but this new moon is a positive one. I know, you may want to pick things apart and focus a bit more than you should but that doesn’t mean you cannot accomplish things and have more fun at the same time.

This new moon is going to force us to take accountability in new ways all the while reminding us that it’s okay to be ourselves. Don’t hold back now. Things are really looking up.