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As you may be aware on September 22nd there will be an Equinox. This event in itself is a powerful one and will be bringing a lot of things out to play.

The energies this kind of event brings forth are nothing to ignore. They are able to help us grow and fuel us in our journey moving forward. While not everyone realizes it the fall equinox is all about balance and bringing calm to the world. It offers each of us a new perspective and can in some ways provide us with more consistency in our lives.

While this event in itself is a celebration in regard to the passage of time, it is more than just that and shouldn’t be dismissed. The fall equinox represents transformation and movement. It helps us to see things in a new light and prepares us for more in big ways. wrote as follows breaking down some of the meaning behind the autumn or fall equinox:

It is with the Autumn Equinox that we begin to prepare for the darkness of winter that is to come. From this point, days now begin to grow shorter and nights get longer.

While this Equinox marks the point of diminishing sunlight, it is also a time of harvest where we celebrate all that has come to fruition in the bright light of summer.

It’s a time of facing our inner shadow, and the concepts of death, void, and blackness.

The Autumn Equinox is a powerful time to tune into gratitude, reflection, and to prepare for winter where the beautiful opportunity to journey inward emerges from the cold and dark.

With Autumn Equinox, it’s a beautiful time to honor how far you’ve come and return to balance and presence before continuing onward in the journey through life.

As you can see this event drives us inward and forces us to address things that we otherwise might not be willing to. We have to do this in order to be able to move through life properly and while it can be uncomfortable it is important. The equinox is often overlooked by those who are not energy sensitive and as a result, those who ignore its presence usually fall behind.

Allow your mind, body, and soul to be as one during this time and really work to allow the energies before you to flow through you rather than overwhelm you. During this period of our lives, we will be reaping what we’ve sown, and well, things could go positively or negatively depending on how we address the world moving forward.

Allow this equinox and its power to help you restore yourself to a more positive place and grow into a better version of yourself. I know, that might sound like a lot but it’s important. Things flow much easier when events like this are occurring, and we should as those present for them make the most of the things they have to offer each of us.

Sure, the year has been a bit more intense than we would have liked for it to be but now is not the time to give up. If anything we should be working harder now than ever. Things are really ramping up.