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With this harvest moon being the last full moon before the seasons change over and Summertime comes to an end, we can all be expecting interesting energies. A sense of renewal will be quite present in your life and you most likely will be quite ready to keep looking towards the future.

This full moon will occur on September 14th and be in the sign Pisces. For those who might not be familiar with Pisces, it is a very creative forward sign. We will all be learning a lot during the time that this full moon is present and may find parts of ourselves we’ve been missing. Many of us will be spending a lot of time working to focus on the people closest to us while this full moon is holding influence over us.

Tension and pressure, in general, will not be easy to overcome but you will be able to make your way through it if you keep pushing back against those forces who are opposing you. Your emotions are going to be in the front seat all the while this full moon is before you and you are going to perhaps be more inclined to be as balanced as possible.

In regards to some of the energies most of us will be dealing with Astrology King wrote as follows:

Full Moon sextile Pluto makes your subconscious more intense and powerful. Deeply buried feelings are exposed and you will gain more control over your emotions, reactions, and instinctive behaviors. Intense personal interactions show exactly how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. An important relationship may evolve to a deeper level or you will be free to move on.

Anything in a state of decay in your life can be reborn. You can get to the cause of any bad habit or addiction. You can deeply probe under the surface to solve mysteries or investigate crimes and secrets. Your intuition is very strong and can guide on your journey into the underworld.

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates. It is reborn by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. In astrology, Constellation Phoenix is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition, and power, together with long life and lasting fame.

This whole month in and of itself is a very important one and this full moon is going to change how things progress. While it might not seem like much, the closer we get to its occurrence the more intense these energies will begin to feel as they bear down on your life.

To learn more on what you should be expecting from this full moon feel free to check out the video below. This whole ordeal isn’t going to be as stressful as you might expect it to be. Just embrace these energies and see where they take you.