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When it comes to our spiritual journeys in this world we’re all trying to achieve something called enlightenment whether we’re aware of it or not. This is not something that is easy to achieve and the road leading up to it is quite complex, to say the least.

Now, for those who do not know enlightenment is basically the state of being enlightened or understanding. Those who reach this state are ‘all-knowing’ in some ways and they have the courage to use their own inner understandings to get to where they need to be. While this might sound a bit confusing, it makes more sense the closer you get to achieving it.

If you’re on your way to enlightenment then chances are you’ve began realizing a lot of things that other people around you have not. That being said, one of the biggest ‘shortcuts’ to true enlightenment while not really a ‘shortcut’ at all is self-love. Through self-love, we are able to achieve so much more than we could ever imagine.

 I recently came across an article on Center For Integral Wisdom’s website that noted you could love your way to enlightenment and that’s a concept I feel many people should be willing to get behind. That being said, while that article mostly covers loving others, self-love is extremely important as well. Self-love is something we should work on before loving others or at least while doing-so. We shouldn’t let ourselves fall through the cracks because if we do, we will never truly reach enlightenment.

Through loving yourself properly you will be able to get where you want to be much quicker. When we do not love ourselves we essentially lose ourselves and we cannot reach enlightenment if we are lost as a whole, It makes sense now, doesn’t it? The more you judge and resent yourself the less spiritual progress you will be able to make. This will block your inner energies and hold you back on a cosmic level. 

Self-love involves a lot of different things and relates back to making sure all of your needs are met. You need to be ensuring you’re where you need to be in order to live happily or at least productively on an emotional and physical level. Your spiritual self will not be able to flourish if you’re suffering as a whole. 

Below you will find a video with more information on all of this and some ways to love yourself properly. Self-love is not something we should go without. If you’re missing this in your life, you need to work on things.