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When it comes to dating relationships, in general, can be quite a pain. If keeping things going is hard for you, then chances are you need to work within before trying again.

As we grow we learn the secrets that make relationships last longer and really work on a deeper level. If we knew these secrets from the get-go then perhaps things would not have been as confusing as they have been throughout the years. Through moving forward in life we live, and we learn, we figure things out as we go.

Below I am going to go over some of the most important ‘relationship secrets’ that most women wish they already knew or know are important to share. These secrets if followed properly will make it hard for any man to leave you. While you might know some of them truly embracing all of them will build you up in a way you might have never experienced.

9 Secrets That Will Make It Hard For Any Man To Leave You:

1. Don’t share his secrets with your friends.

When you share his secrets with your friends whether you think it will come back to him or not it can and that should be more than enough reason not to. If he confides in you don’t spread the things he’s told you. While you might not think much of it, he will feel quite betrayed. This can make or break a relationship.

2. Don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism.

While we shouldn’t be beating one another down we should be honest in the ways we need to. Constructive criticism is important in all relationships. Be willing to speak up when something needs to be mentioned, this will make him respect you more than you think.

3. Be more willing to laugh.

When you laugh with your partner you are building a deeper connection. The more you and your partner laugh together the better. Laughter is one of the greatest forms of medicine, so through laughing with your partner you can heal parts of your relationship even if you don’t realize it.

4. Stop and think things through, don’t lose your temper.

Think things through before reacting. When you lose your temper you are causing more stress on the situation than is necessary. When something happens in your relationship give yourself time to calm down and realize if it is as bad as it sounds before working on the issue.

5. Stop being afraid to show confidence.

Showing confident is not a bad thing and you need to remember that. Just because you’re a lady doesn’t mean you should lack confidence. Be your own person and carry yourself in whatever manner you see fit. While you might not often hear about this, men love confident women.

6. Make sure self-love is present in your life.

You should love yourself above all else. You matter more than you realize and if you treat yourself right it will invite others to do so as well. Don’t treat yourself bad, people pick up on the ways in which we address and work with ourselves.

7. Don’t play games with one another.

Stop playing with your partner’s heart. He isn’t a toy and neither are you. When it comes to dating there shouldn’t be any games. Either you’re in or you’re out there is no in-between.

8. Be spontaneous from time to time.

Being spontaneous is a great way to mix things up. This will provide your partner with the excitement that he might need and keep him interested. While you don’t have to completely change everything a minor difference can go a long way.

9. Give space when space is needed.

If your partner needs space give him space. Far too often people make the mistake of pushing too hard at the worst times. Be there but don’t be overbearing about it. Sometimes we all just need a moment to ourselves.